Disclosed made Kim Jong UN fat food

Former chef North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN Kenji Fujimoto (Kenji Fujimoto) revealed to journalists of the food preferences of the politician, which made him fat and 127 pounds. About it reports the Mirror.

According to the chef, in 2015, Kim Jong-UN for the evening, could drink two bottles of champagne Cristal for 175 pounds (16250 rubles) for each and eat expensive steak from Kobe (beef premium quality, obtained from Japanese black bulls breed) with Emmental cheese.

moreover, he had not indulged in high calorie dishes, such as foie Gras and beef Wagu, the cost of which could reach 240 pounds (more than 22 thousand rubles). Fujimoto also added that the North Korean leader is a fan of delicious shark fin soup.

it is Known that in 36 years, Kim Jong UN weighs 127 pounds and suffers from obesity. It is assumed that his taste preferences and a poor diet could be the reason April 12, he had to undergo heart surgery.

In April, doctors advised to lose weight to reduce the risks of infection with coronavirus. According to statistics from the National centre for audit and research intensive care (ICNARC), three quarters of British patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19 were overweight or obese. According to Professor of endocrinology Rob Andrews (Rob Andrews), with mass ventilation in the human lung is deteriorating, which can lead to a number of diseases.