After the virus

with the improvement of the epidemiological situation the Cabinet of Ministers intends to gradually lift restrictions on the activities of individual organizations and individual entrepreneurs. The rest of the week, the Prime Minister said, a number of ministries and departments should submit relevant proposals.

in the meantime, began to operate measures of the second economic stimulus package to support citizens and the economy in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection. “The government has taken all required regulatory framework,” – said Mishustin. He stressed the task of additional payments to medical personnel providing care to patients with the coronavirus, as well as the release of this money from income tax. “I ask the heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation to preserve its regional payments to doctors”, – said the Prime Minister to the governors.

Approved the rules of providing financial assistance to small and medium business sectors of the economy included in the list of the most affected by the spread of coronavirus infection. Companies will be able to obtain one minimum wage – 12 130 roubles for each employee, but in this case they must retain at least 90 percent of the jobs. For payment for April must apply during the month of may, and in may – in June.

Barriers to providing such grant support honest businesses, are excluded as possible. “The government has decided that companies, which due to various circumstances are often of a technical debt for taxes and insurance premiums, will qualify for a subsidy, if the amount of such indebtedness does not exceed 3000 rubles,” – said Mikhail Mishustin.

the Preservation of stability in the labour market demanded of the individual mechanisms of assistance to strategic enterprises. Now it is more than 1,100 enterprises. The weekly lists are specified on the basis of proposals of ministries. “It is important that the lists are open and are published on the websites of the relevant ministries,” – said the head of government. These businesses, in particular, provides concessional loans for replenishment of working capital at the rate of 5 percent. “Each company up to three billion rubles,” – recalled the Prime Minister.

In the lists of backbone in the near future may include a number of healthcare organizations and culture. Mishustin, has instructed to expedite the preparation of such decisions.

Now that the Cabinet has released all the necessary documents, programmes of support of economy should be implemented on the ground. Funds in the framework of anti-crisis action plan should be brought to the recipients as quickly as possible, said the head of the pravitelstva the Presidium of the coordination Council for combating coronavirus. “People don’t want loud statements, and direct financial assistance,” he said.

“we need to Accelerate everything, and especially at the regional level. All the necessary decisions at the Federal level are adopted, funds from the Federal budget brought to the regions”, – said the Prime Minister. Ministers, heads of agencies and governors are responsible for monitoring the flow of aid to the final recipients. The control will connect the Federal security service. The Prime Minister entrusted to ensure the rapid surveys in the regions, providing monthly reports, and the Department of control the government will at least twice a month to check coming from all departments with actual information.

Mikhail Mishustin also found it necessary to once again draw the attention of all officials that the fight against coronavirus – not a reason to ignore the problems of other citizens. For example, people with chronic and serious diseases still have to provide medical care. “We constantly hear complaints about it. Once again: this should not be”, – he said at the podium. The Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor instructed to carry out continuous monitoring with weekly reports.

people In Russia are on the list of severe and rare diseases are entitled to free medicines. This year the list is supplemented by deficiency of blood coagulation factors and aplastic anemia. “For the purchase of desired products we have provided in the Federal budget an additional two billion rubles,” – said the Prime Minister, promising to sign a decree on the allocation of funds.