Fire and water

“Now all efforts are primarily focused on controlling the spread of coronavirus infection. But that should not weaken our attention to other potential threats to life and security of people”, – said Vladimir Putin. The more that come the spring and summer and, therefore, increase the risks of fires and floods. In General, each region should be provided with complete readiness to react to any emergency, in any scenario, stated the President. All necessary resources should be fully mobilized. The head of state asked to report on the situation in General, to predict where the situation may get worse, and what proactive measures are being taken, what has been done and is planned to be done to improve the security of settlements, objects of life and infrastructure.

Separately, the President asked to focus on timely informing of citizens, to ensure their safety. And it should all work out to the smallest detail, including to the emergency situation of natural character is not provoked local outbreaks and foci of coronavirus infection.

the Head of state urged to take under special control cases where people have lost homes. “Financial and material support, benefits and compensation should be carried out immediately,” he demanded. Noting that he understands the problems of regional budgets, the President said: “assistance to the affected citizens, to ensure human security is a priority”.

“in a timely manner, without red tape needs to connect, to respond and Federal agencies,” – said Putin has asked heads of regions to elaborate on how to build interaction with the Federal center. Including whether the so-called debts and outstanding obligations from the Federal budget for the implementation of the earlier decisions, measures aimed at liquidation of consequences of emergency situations and their prevention.

in addition, the President urged to strictly observe the preventive measures. Rescuers are ready to perform duty in any environment, to take risks for the sake of others. And you need to pay special attention to ensuring maximum safety of emergency workers, employees of all departments and services, volunteers involved in disaster management.

Vladimir Putin gave the floor to the Minister of emergency situations, who, unlike other participants, was near him in the office. “All of our annual spring risks are on the background of unfavorable epidemiological situation”, – stated Evgeny Senichev. But measures to limit the proliferation of infections, unfortunately, do not restrict neither the distribution of fires, or the rise of water in rivers, he added.

the Beginning of a flood of e��the year came earlier than usual, so in 44 regions “flood events” had already been completed, 34 are ongoing, 7 – in the far North – has not yet begun. “In General everything goes without serious problems”, – assured Senichev.

Since the beginning of the year was 154 thousand fires, the Minister continued. More than 86 percent of the burned area falls in the far Eastern Federal district. Fire season like last year, started earlier, this is a trend, said the Rapporteur. Critical situation with forest fires in Siberia and the far East. So, as of April 27, in Krasnoyarsk region the total area passed by fire, in 10 times has exceeded indicators of last year, the TRANS-Baikal region – three times, in the Amur region – in half. The main reason is unauthorized singosari. The winter was abnormal, the soil was wet enough, appeared the conditions for the transition of fires to the settlements. A special fire prevention regime was imposed in the region 51, the prohibition on visits to forests, fires and burning garbage.

it is Impossible to fight fires exclusively preventive measures, said Senichev. Abroad legislative practice aimed at tightening the liability for such offences, compared it. In Germany for unauthorized campfire can be jailed for up to one year, in Belarus – up to seven years, gave the example of the Minister. And in Russia, in the framework of developing a new version of the administrative code, even the increase in penalties is not provided, he complained and asked to increase responsibility for violation of requirements of fire safety, resulting in significant spread of fire, material damage and especially loss of life. To work need to involve the interior Ministry and Resguardo, he said.

“with regard to strengthening sanctions, penalties, liability against those people who cause the fires, of course, you need to look for reality, but a constant increase of responsibility does not always lead to change in the situation on the merits”, – said the head of state. “As for those who commit such offences to cover other offences, e.g. illegal logging, there is no doubt, I totally agree with that”, he added.

“the Number of fires do not become less”, – stated the head of the Ministry Dmitry Kobylkin. This is due to the failure mode isolation and climate warming, he said. This summer may be abnormally hot in history, predicted the Minister, noting that in Krasnoyarsk is already 35 degrees Celsius. Even Kobylkin said that we need about 10 billion rubles to increase the number of inspectors of forest protection to the standard level. Vladimir Putin has forwarded the question to the Minister of Finance. Anton Siluanov said that the Agency distributes money to againstwoogaroo security to the region suffering from fires, get more, and the allocations increase, but some places really need to see. “You understand each other… forest powers transferred to the regions, it is necessary to determine where the most fire-dangerous situation, and to prioritize these allocated additional resources,” – said the President. The head of state demanded without delay to Fund work on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations in the regions. “This is not even because of lack of money. We have determined and see that the money allocated from the road Fund are not spent, and where it is needed, not do that. All bogged down in some procedures, the road blurred in the Amur region from flood, due to bureaucratic delays so far not restored,” – he was indignant. “People are forced to ride on the potholes. Themselves ride on such roads, then you will understand that you need to act quickly,” said the meeting Putin. About the decisions it is necessary not only to declare, it is necessary to bring them to the realization that they will have any significant impact on the lives of people, he said and demanded the closing of such issues in the shortest time.