The controller for the PlayStation 5 will have larger dimensions than a gamepad for PS4. About this in his Twitter account said Italian analyst Roberto Serrano (Roberto Serrano).

According to Serrano, DualSense will have a width and a height of about 17 and 11 cm, respectively. Thus, the new controller will be a bit wider and higher than the actual DualShock 4. The analyst also said that he had received information that DualSense will be weighing 878 grams, while the controller for the PS4 had a weight of 220 grams.

Serrano also noted that the gamepad itself will weigh in the order of 278 grams, and disclosed the figure in 878 grams is the weight of the controller in the box. The final dimensions DualSense was calculated on the basis that the new controller has an enhanced battery capacity — 2200 vs 1000 milliampere-hours at the DualShock 4.

Previously, the network showed the first live image of the controller for the PlayStation 5. Users of the gaming forum, which posted the picture, surprised “huge” size of the accessory. Some commentators felt that the controller has a normal size, but looks bigger because of the special angle and perspective of the image.