a Famous sculptor, puppeteer, author of “Petersburg angel” Roman Shustrov died in St. Petersburg. This was reported by the journalist Nadezhda Kozhevnikova.

“At the Mariinsky hospital from double pneumonia, caused by Covid-19, died a painter, sculptor, puppeteer Roman Shustrov, the Creator of the symbol of our city “Petersburg angel” who has sat down on a bench under an umbrella with a book in Izmailovo garden…”, – she wrote. And a little said, how did he Shustrov to his beloved by all the inhabitants of St. Petersburg work: “this bronze sculpture with a height of only 70 cm, but the favorite of all St Petersburg, Roman Shustrov said: “It is dedicated to the elderly from the Leningrad of my childhood. These old men, having survived all the hardships of the first half of the twentieth century — civil war, famine, Stalinist repressions, the blockade, was able to maintain his optimism.”

Hope emotionally shared experience of grief: “Today, after news came, to me personally, optimism is difficult to maintain. But I will try, we try… the Bright memory”.

that Shustrov taken to hospital and connected to a ventilator of the St. Petersburg media outlets wrote on 5 may. Officially, the diagnosis of coronavirus has not yet been confirmed.