Died head of the unregistered all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks and the wrestler with the restructuring of Nina Andreeva. On the death of 81-year-old politician is the website of her party.

“In Leningrad after a long illness departed this life Nina Aleksandrovna Andreeva. Stopped beating a heart that is ardent patriot of the Soviet Motherland, shrewd politics, a diehard Bolshevik”, — write the obituary.

What exactly was sick late is not reported.

Andreev in 1988 he published the famous in the Soviet Union “Manifesto antiparasitogenic forces.” In this document she and her family began to persecute. However, it is believed that the letter Andreeva divided the country into two camps. First — the supporters of socialism, who wanted to preserve the current political system. Second opposed and sought to destroy everything connected with the Soviet Union, said at the all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks.

In his controversial letter to Andreev was worried about Soviet young people. She considered the Soviet Union the greatest power. Andreev argued that by encouraging foreign “DIY mass culture”, the Soviet Union ride roughshod over their history and culture.