During these months – from March to June inclusive specialists conducted 5254 operations propeciw 6189 patients. For the first half was done 8.5 thousand surgical interventions. This is 22 percent lower than a year ago. Explain the reasons for the restriction to work during a pandemic in the clinic and the specific epidemiological situation in different regions of the country, which did not allow patients to come at the scheduled time for admission.

every day, and the period of the pandemic was no exception, performed the most complicated surgeries: open heart and large vessels, videoassistance and endoscopic on thyroid and parathyroid glands, radical and conservative surgery for cancer, plastic and reconstructive microsurgery in urology, complex reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired deformities of the extremities and many others, – said the first Vice-rector on medical work of the St. Petersburg University, Director of the Clinic of high medical technologies of a name of N. I. Pirogov Yury Fedotov.

Activities in a pandemic demanded that the doctors and clinics search for new opportunities of contact with patients. And there was an unusual service – remote health education conversation with the doctor online. It lasts half an hour. During this time the patient can ask any questions and receive detailed answers from the doctor by video conference.

These questions may relate to features of particular diseases, prevention, methods of diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, complications and side effects. During such communication, the diagnosis is not put, nor prescribe treatment for this essential face-to-face examination. In online conversation you can sign up for the clinic, there to choose the doctor, date and time, as well as the subject of the proposed consultation on his page.

the specialists of the clinic made several suggestions. First, they believe that it is necessary to organize additional infectious beds and repurpose your hospital No. 2 for treatment of patients with COVID-19, second, to enable health workers – anesthesiologists and nurses to the reserve for work in the infectious hospitals of the city and, thirdly, to use the capacities of institutions for patients with somatic pathology for emergency and urgent indications. These proposals were sent to the health Committee of St. Petersburg.