Scientists from Oksfordskie University conducted a psychological experiment involving 92 volunteers. His findings are published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

As it turned out, with the help of battle is the release of energy and the person feels less pain. The effect is achieved only in the use of these obscene words and not their synonyms.

the dip in the icy water, from three to one degree Celsius, the process is painful, but not harmful. Counted the points of pain threshold (the time at which the reported pain) and pain tolerance (the time at which the hand was removed from the water due to the inability to tolerate).

at the same time scientists were recording the heart rate in participants, as well as ratings of pain perception. Then shouted a curse the present and any two invented words. It was recorded that all the participants of the experiment felt less pain during this abuse. Invented curse words had no effect on the pain threshold.

Expletive in the context of the pain is often characterized as a deliberate strategy of distraction, and distraction is an effective psychological means of influencing the pain stopping distance. Though the abuse was rated as a distraction, but the level of distraction was not associated with effects of pain relief. Thus, the distraction is not important in explaining the curse produces “analgesic” action.

the Main conclusion of the study is that the new invented curse words does not produce the effect of blunting the pain. Real swearing, repetition of strong swearing increases pain threshold, and pain tolerance.