Constant hiccups can be a symptom of coronavirus. This is stated in the report published in The American journal of Emergency Medicine, writes The Sun.

Doctors have described the disease in a 62-year-old patient from Chicago, suffering from diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease. In April, he went to the doctors due to the continuing for four days of hiccups. The major symptoms of coronavirus such as cough, fever, nasal congestion, sore throat or chest and shortness of breath, he was not.

According to the survey, the patient was fever of 37.3 degrees, and test COVID-19 showed a positive result. On the chest x-ray in men found a slight darkening in the lungs. After this, he was sent to the Department for patients with coronavirus, where his condition deteriorated.

Americans were treated with anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which was considered a popular cure for coronavirus. Subsequently, the who recognized it as ineffective for treatment of COVID-19. Three days later the man was discharged from hospital in stable condition.

“to our knowledge, this is the first report of persistent hiccups as a complaint in a patient with a positive result on COVID-19 in the literature on emergency medicine”, — says the publication. Doctors urged colleagues to pay close attention to other patients complaining of constant hiccups, and noted that coronavirus infection is showing more atypical symptoms.

In July doctors to describe a case of priapism — prolonged and painful erection not associated with sexual arousal. This symptom appeared from an elderly Frenchman due to thrombosis as a result of coronavirus.