Latin America may become a new hotbed of coronavirus pandemic, writes Der Spiegel. It is noted that in some cities the situation with the spread COVID-19 is comparable to what happened in the US and Europe during the peak of the epidemic.

For example, in the Brazilian city of Manaus mortality increased three times. A similar situation was observed previously in London and Madrid. The Ecuadorian port city of Guayaquil, noted a fivefold growth in the number of deaths and is now in danger of becoming “second new York”.

the Most alarming statistics comes from Brazil. The country is in the top three rankings by the number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus, behind only the United States and Russia. Only in this Latin American country were about 17 thousand dead and more than 254 thousand cases.

Der Spiegel writes that in Brazil, due to the large number of victims of the virus of the dead began to be buried in mass graves in stacked on top of each other coffins. The publication quotes a doctor from Sao Paulo, who said that the country could be closer to the mark of a hundred thousand deaths, and “the worst is yet to come”.

According to the author, such a high mortality due to the lack of strict quarantine measures and unserious attitude to the virus of the Brazilian President Zaira Bolsonaro, who called COVID-19 “small flu”.

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