We have included in this CD all the songs that made it smile, be happy and the band and producer Bob Ezrin, explained the Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse. – Because we always liked to create music and then have the joy of interacting with friendly to us audience!”

Whoosh! includes 13 songs, three of which were already released as singles and on video. And in the role of producer once again made by Bob Ezrin, known for his collaboration with Alice Cooper, Kiss, 30 Seconds to Mars, Peter Gabriel and late Pink Floyd. Moreover, in Deep Purple ubiquitous Bob performed and the party for more keyboards.

the New album is conceptual, polyphonic, wise, philosophical and very generous with images, thoughts and metaphors. We can say that the texts is the most complex release of Deep Purple. It dominates the deep, beautiful, unpredictable and mysterious, philosophical poetry. Here, for example, lines from the third single, Nothing At All, released 10 July:

Music in this sharp, spacious, built on counterpoints, vocal attacks soloist Ian Gillan, sweeping atmospheric melody and flowing dialogue of emotions, a lengthy roll call of solo guitar Steve Morse and don Airey keyboards.

Woosh! – in the tradition of rock 70’s- concept album. No wonder, in the first two videos Throw My Bones and Man Alive the main character is roaming the planet and look at it from above astronaut. But in music there are elements of space-rock, broken rhythms, and complex themes of communication between man and nature, the view of the environmental problems, neo-futurism. And the track Nothing At All – the observation of “what we humans have done to Mother Earth for our short time on it”…

of Course, I’d love to listen to the album Whoosh! and alive at the concert.

Deep Purple has announced new tour dates. Announced on its official website: “the show 2020 now planned for 2021. Those of you who bought tickets to the VIP meeting – everything is fine, don’t worry. Your VIP upgrade will be valid for the rescheduled show…”

the Musicians pointed out that the old new tour kicks off on may 30, already in Istanbul and will last until the end of autumn… That’s just playing in Russia this time not appointed.

Let’s hope that will be corrected. Just in case we remind the musicians and Bob Ezrine: the first cosmonaut in the world – that’s our Yuri Gagarin!

So be sure to wait for the Deep Purple album, and Whoosh!