Deceased woke up in preparation for the funeral

the city of Coronel Oviedo in the South of Paraguay recognized the dead woman woke up in preparation for the funeral service. It is reported Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color.

11 APR 46-year-old Gladys Rodriguez de Duarte (Duarte de Gladys Rodríguez), suffering from ovarian cancer, was taken to a private hospital with high blood pressure. At 9:30 local time the doctor examined her Faith heriberto (Heriberto Vera). After almost two hours the physician stated the death of Duarte and has informed her husband Maximino (Maximino) and daughter Sandra (Sandra).

Faith had prepared the death certificate Duarte, putting the cause of death cervical cancer. Hospital staff placed the woman in a body bag and with the consent of the relatives was sent to the funeral home.

When the owner of the office was to examine “dead”, he noticed that the woman moves. Duarte was taken to the hospital and left under observation.

Sandra accused heriberto Faith in neglect of the patient. “He found the patient dead and did not even try to resuscitate her, said the daughter of Duarte. We trusted the clinic, and therefore sent mother. But they disconnected her from the machines and went straight to the funeral home”. The case is under investigation.

last year In the Indian state of Orissa, the man woke up during own funeral. When the body was lowered into the grave, the “deceased” turned his head.