The Prime Minister of India announced the extension of the regime of self isolation in the country

India extends the isolation mode in the country till the third of may. About the decision was announced by Prime Minister Narendra modi. The need to save the entered March 25 limitations caused by the growing statistics of infections. During the day, in India it increased by 900 people. According to the Ministry of health and family welfare, is now the coronavirus in the country cheer 12 thousand 380 people.

“More than half of all registered cases involve five areas: the Maharashtra state, which recorded 2 687 cases of infection, new Delhi 1 561 positive, Tamilnadu in which sick 1 204 people, Rajasthan – a little more than thousands of cases and Madhya Pradesh, where the diagnosis of coronavirus doctors confirmed in 987 cases,” citing the Agency RIA Novosti reported.

the Ministry of health of India has announced “hot spots” 170 districts of the country, in most cases, about 400 – “green areas” where no cases of infections. The extension of the regime of self-isolation will reduce the spread of the virus. In India closed educational and entertainment facilities, metro, halted public transport, no taxis. Closed borders between States.

Pandemic COVID-19 covered most of the countries. According to the latest world health organization, worldwide the number of cases of coronavirus are approaching two million people.