– September 1, 2004, we stood on the school line, and suddenly the circle began to burst balls. Lot and very loudly – says Georgy Ilyin. But actually it wasn’t the bulbs as I thought, and the shots. With me was my cousin, 23 years old, and her two children three and six years. They all died, and stayed there.

All herded to the gym. Crush and terrible Such that it is impossible to breathe. “One of the militants, I remember, asked what was going on. He sarcastically replied: “Doctrine” and, sticking the gun at me and ordered me to sit quietly.”

– But what is doctrine? Directly before me lay a man’s body. Me and other children planted right next to it, says George. – On the first day we even were given water, and then to our requests, no one paid attention. In the locker room were taps, and sometimes, someone managed to water there Mike. These wet Mikey passed us. They squeezed, and then you could drink the water which flowed. On the second day, the militants began to hang everywhere on the walls of the bomb… Then everything happened quickly. There was a severe explosion… to Me it’s like something pushed in the back and threw it to the side for a few seconds I lost consciousness. Then I woke up… Jumped. You see, in the gym, the mess of people: who killed, who’s hurt… all the screaming… I – in the window, and run aimlessly… didn’t understand Much then the child is still, seven years…

of Course, George didn’t see in the broken Windows rushed the commandos, as they are covered and children fell on the grenade of the insurgents, rescuing hostages, as the bullets made their way to the school, parents and relatives to save their loved ones. Doesn’t remember his picked up and carried from the fire by passing the doctors.

George, as he says, immediately fell asleep because I hadn’t slept for three days. But doctors believe that he just fainted from stress, dehydration and blood loss… the Surgery went long. Fragments of it literally tore the leg. Then there was a long rehabilitation.

Even a few years later I then had nightmares-memories of what happened, – says Georgy. I can’t believe I’m alive…

When he graduated from high school, stood before a choice: to serve in the special forces or become a doctor? “Anything to another soul does not lay. In the end chose the latter”. He enrolled at North Ossetian state medical Academy (SOGMA), on medical faculty. “The doctor is the same commando – says Georgy. – Only to save people, he has more often. And the motto they have in common: “Nobody but us!” I belong to the medical profession. Want to be a critical care physician or anesthesiologist”.

Barely enrolling in the medical Academy, Georgy managed to have him hired as a nurse in the Republican clinical hospital (RCH) in North Ossetia. During the beginning of a pandemic, the medical staff began to question whether they are ready to work in the “red��th zone” – where they treat people with a diagnosis of COVID-19 and where the risk of catastrophically large. George was among those who first have written consent to work in quarantine. They organized a place to sleep and rest in the office, much later allocated rooms in hotels. With family doctors had not seen all the time while working. It’s like they went to war.

– When you enter the “red zone”, I put three pairs of gloves – sequentially in a certain order, because they come into contact with different layers of clothing – says Georgy Ilyin. – Go on a respirator, medical glasses, anti-plague robe with hood, boot covers. All this is wrapped with tape at the top, well-kept, and there are no open skin areas. In such clothes it is hard to breathe, hard to walk… my shift was 12 hours according to the scheme 6/6/6, that is six hours, work six, rest, then another six hours on duty. Basically, I did that examined the people who put IVS, giving pills, followed the health of patients – everything that usually must be performed by the nurse.

– Were you scared?

– Survivors of Beslan is that can scare? – smiling George. – But seriously, who else is going to save people? In principle, all who agreed to work in quarantine, then realized that the constant communication with patients coronavirus will find a way to sneak into the body. None of the anti-plague masks and robes will not protect you 100 percent. And so it happened that few of the doctors got sick. But how many have we saved!..

the last time I called George, a former hostage and now a student of the medical Academy was on sick leave. He had the fever. Computed tomography showed a lung lesion. Fortunately, the pneumonia has had no serious complications. And now he is on the mend.

– the Destiny is favourable to George, say his parents. – He survived, and his photo has become one of the symbols of the victims in this horrible attack.

the Author of this picture is still unknown. Someone literally after George was carried out of the fire, took a picture of a terrified screaming child. Not visible in the photo that the boy was wounded in the leg, she was practically torn in three pieces. But at that moment he felt no pain and even could stand upon it. Although in another moment, he loses consciousness, then it will be surgery, a long treatment and months of walking on crutches.

the Photo was published by many news agencies of Russia and the world. Two years later, in the small state of San Marino was a bronze monument to victims of act of terrorism at school N1 in Beslan sculptor Wendy Renzo Zharna. It depicts a frightened child who is frozen in a silent scream. A full copy of that photo seven years ��eorgia taken immediately after the liberation of the school. The sculpture became famous in Europe and the United States, becoming a monument to all victims of terrorist attacks in the world.

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September 1, 2004, gunmen seized school No. 1 in Beslan, taking hostage 1128 people. In the death of 334 people, 186 of them children.