Because of the pandemic in the fashion industry, many still can’t see the family — the borders are still closed. Singer Victoria Dayneko, for example, now in new York and is unable to return home.

Epidemic COVID-19 seriously changed our lives and ruining our plans, now summer, even celebrities spend in the journey through Russia, the benefit of our country is enormous and it is something to see. However, some unlucky before the chaos with the infection to be in a foreign country. When the border was closed and flights canceled, so the travelers were very hard times in a foreign land.

In that awkward situation turned out to be singer Victoria Dayneko. A few hours ago, she in the Instagram account published a real cry for help. The star posted the photo on the background of skyscrapers in new York and explained that she probably will be envied by half of her subscribers. However, there is nothing to envy, because she was in a foreign country with a baby and now can not return to Russia!

“Looking at this photo you would think that the girl is very glad that she is walking across the Brooklyn bridge, then when it wants half of the friends in the band Instagram. But I will tell you no. To be locked up in a foreign country, one with a child is not something which you would like to be jealous. Russian Federation exports of citizens from other countries only export routes. I dream about this trip since April. Couldn’t get to export the flight, appeared regular. Of course the flight for which I purchased tickets is canceled. So I’m 4 year old child was left ALONE in new York. It would seem impossible to experience the feeling of claustrophobia from the fact that you are in USA, but is very real if you have no opportunity to come back. LET US GO HOME!!!!!”

Many admitted that they do not understand why Dayneko was having difficulty leaving home because compatriots and then come back even from the most remote corners of the earth, and there are many examples. However, Victoria says that it’s not that simple and she personally can’t get on the coveted Board. We all want to return to normal life is a normal desire, but when will it happen?