the Desire to make love games for all to see seems to haunt the Russians. Hardly abated the scandal with the expendables a couple, indulging in pleasures in Moscow on Khokhlovskaya square how to please the audience decided in Gelendzhik.

Rather, it happened in the sea, near the public beach. Not hesitate to goggles public, the girl and the young man did it in the boat in front of the cameras, reports the portal “news of Novorossiysk”.

In social networks write that the “characteristic movements” in the original position of the Kama Sutra girl’s doing right in the boat. Shore spectators watch a light swaying motorboat. The feeling that the involuntary witnesses of the “sex scenes” only plant lovers.

Over heard the comment of the girl: “the Guy’s lucky, definitely”.

it is unknown whether threatens something huligana the couple for their actions. In Moscow, for example, all ended loving young people administrative detention.

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