the Moscow Authorities conduct their investigation at the request of the spouses who received regular fines for violations of isolation because walking on your balcony. About the beginning of check the head of the capital’s main control Directorate Yevgeny Danchikov. The couple Svetlana and Alexander Malczewska Veligurskiy after our publication became TV stars – but despite the official check, the penalties continue to grow over the last three days they have grown from 40 to 52 thousand rubles.

“If before my day began with the fact that I woke up and went to the balcony to take pictures of sunrises, but now I go to the site and watch how many penalties we had for the night” – sad jokes Svetlana.

the Story is really wild. Muscovites Alexander and Svetlana were married April 25. A few days later, the husband felt ill, went to the hospital – CT scan showed he had put a pneumonia, a test for the coronavirus has also been positive. Svetlana never got sick, but she was put in quarantine as a contact. In the clinic Krylatsky hills gave them some signed pieces of paper: “please Sign that you agree to be treated at home.” This agreement the young family officially obliged to comply with the quarantine. Otherwise fine. They were not going to break the mode.

But the thing is that the house where Alexander and Svetlana is exactly the border of Moscow region. From their window on the ninth floor across the street even visible sign left of Moscow, right Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region.

And when the couple stepped out on the balcony, geolocation transposed them into a neighboring region. From Moscow to Moscow oblast. So they become the worst violators of the quarantine.

Unbelievable but true.

When they began to fall like snow the head penalties, the couple could not understand why? What are they doing wrong? And just compare the time stamp, and walking in the fresh air on the 9th floor and came to the conclusion – blame it on the balcony.

After the publication in “MK” on the young family hit the real fame. A great story for TV: from love in the time of the epidemic, and new technology, damn them.

even reported that husband and wife have already removed all the fines in court. Because too absurd reason they were punished. “While we have not achieved, although very much hope that justice will prevail after all, we will fight”, – assured Alexander and Svetlana.

as for health, they have recovered. And now can walk not only on the balcony.