Alexander Dobrovinsky, the lawyer of the family of the deceased Zakharov decided to put an end to the incessant rumors that alleged the relatives of the deceased are trading with Ephraim about the amount of compensation for the death of a loved one, – said the “Profile”.

He asked the widow and brother of Sergey Zakharov specific question about this.

And Margarita and Valery zakharovy, zykovy said that talking about any compensation in addition to what is awarded by law, is not. They are interested in a fair trial and punish the guilty.

Named possible amount of compensation the family of Ephraim Zakharova

With the permission of their relatives, the answer was laid out in open access in Telegram channel RT.


Previously, RT has reported that, according to the lawyer Alexander Malceva the court decision on compensation of moral and material damage in a car accident in Russia does not exceed three million rubles.

Such compensation is prescribed, even in the presence of the deceased dependents.

As reported by “the Rambler”, it became known than Mikhail Efremov worked June 8 — the day when they provoked the accident claimed the life of a freight forwarder Sergey Zakharov.

It turns out that the actor was drunk a few hours before the tragedy. However, at that moment, he forgot about the car and used a taxi.