In Moscow for the first time since April revealed less than a thousand cases COVID-19 — 968 people. In the whole of Russia the number of new patients with coronavirus infection amounted to 7728. Scientists, meanwhile, found that the greatest risk of severe disease have people with the second group of blood, and the lowest share holders first. For the third and fourth groups of blood risk of complications is less than for the second, but more than the first.

blood Group solves

— In recent days in Russia coronavirus infection new type revealed at 7728 people, reports the operational headquarters for the fight against the pandemic. In the top three by incidence — as always, Moscow (968 persons) and Moscow region (549). In third place was suddenly Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — there are 294 new cases.

— Blood type may play a decisive role in how difficult it will leak a disease caused by a coronavirus. To such conclusion the scientists, who conducted an independent study in health facilities of China, Columbia University, USA and Mazandaransky medical University of Iran.

“According to the findings of researchers, the greatest risk of severe disease due to infection with the coronavirus have native blood And (second), while the lowest risk of severe disease in carriers of the group O (first)”, — writes “Russian newspaper” with reference to the research results. For the third and fourth groups of blood the risk of serious illness less than a second, but more than for the first.

In Russia the ventilator is not popular

— In Russia, ventilators used in the fight against coronavirus only 2% of the total, thanks to the work ahead, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to the President, this is because “from the first steps of man and take the lead either at home or in hospitals.”

— Clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus are on the plan, said Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. “Clinical trials have begun. Everything goes normally. When the results are in, we will notify”, — he said.

Vladimir Putin discussed with Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin bedspace for patients with coronavirus. At the moment, additional beds in the capital decided to leave. “Moscow itself has experienced a very unsettling months, without exaggeration. We agreed with mayor Sobyanin that the additional beds that are created, you to close them while in Moscow will not. But re-profiled medical institution can return to normal work,” he said.

In Brazil, a record increase in patients COVID-19

— In the United States decided to discontinue a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine as a medication against coronavirus. Board data and safety monitoring (DSMB) concluded that, although compounds�� does no harm, “it is highly unlikely that he will benefit hospitalized patients with COVID-19”.

In Georgia hope that the epidemiological situation with COVID-19 will provide an opportunity to open the land border with Russia in the near future.

“The opening of the border depends on the epidemiological situation. Hope that will be able to open the border with Russia in the nearest future”, — said the special envoy of the Prime Minister of Georgia for relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze.

— In Brazil, has registered 54 771 ill COVID-19 over the past day. The biggest daily growth. The previous record was June 16, when in the country the day revealed 34 918 new cases of coronavirus.