The President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the hard conversations with their subordinates. My opinion on this matter, the Russian leader shared during an interview for the program “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia-1”, reports “Interfax”.

“we do Have tough conversations. But it was not — and I’m rather proud to say — the case that I offended someone, called, or — even worse — humiliated. This never happens,” — said the head of state.

According to him, an effective leader is not toughness, and the ability to take consistent decision. While Putin admitted that he almost never chastises anyone “in ostentatious manner”, because it does not like to do that. He also expressed the opinion that the higher position a person holds, the more carefully it needs to address with their subordinates.

3 June, Putin gave a dressing down at a meeting on the incident with the spilled diesel fuel in CHP-3 to Norilsk. In particular, he criticized the local authorities, who later learned of the incident and has not offered solutions on liquidation of consequences of the accident. “Are we going to learn about emergencies from social networks, or what? You have everything in good health?” — asked the President.