the Daily increase of new cases in Russia the fifth consecutive day stays below $ 8 thousand, Putin has assigned to doctors the title of Hero of Labor, and the widow Kobzon was hospitalized with coronavirus.

the day doctors found a coronavirus infection yet 7728 patients. The daily increase in new cases at least 8000 cases holds the fifth consecutive day since the 17th of June. The last time less than 8000 new patients with COVID-19 doctors found may 1.

Earlier, experts predicted that the production of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus may begin this fall, and announced the possible timing of the start of mass vaccination of the Russians.

As noted in the decree, Denis Protsenko was awarded this title for special achievements, dedication and professionalism shown in dealing with the coronavirus infection. The same title also received a few more doctors.

Protsenko himself suffered coronavirus. His infection became known on March 31. Then Protsenko isolated in his study and switched to remote mode. April 15, the medic reported that he had recovered.

Nelly Kobzon was hospitalized with coronavirus in a hospital in Lapino. This is with reference to its sources informs Starhit. According to the publication, relatives Kobzon don’t know where she could get as strongly saved it and watched, so she didn’t leave the house. In addition, recently the widow of the artist said that he felt fine.

For the last days in Brazil were registered 34 666 new cases of coronavirus. It’s less than a day earlier — 54.8 thousand people. But the country is still the United States leads in the number of cases. Their total number reached 1 067 579. The day he died 1022 people, since the beginning of epidemic from COVID-19 in the 49 976 people. Recovered a total of more than 520 thousand people.

At the same time masks and gloves should always be worn to the employees working in the catering Department. Camps will not allow children with respiratory diseases.

on the eve of the medical worker’s Day experienced doctors from different medical institutions told “Газете.Ru” about the difficulties of his responsible and difficult profession, experience in pandemic “kovida” and remembered why I decided to treat people.

In Spain, officially began the period postaveni reality, the “new normality”, as they say in the Iberian Kingdom. June 21 at midnight local time the action ended the state of emergency, in effect since March 14. This means that the Spaniards can come back almost to normal, almost — because the number of restrictions will continue to apply until, until you invented a vaccine for the coronavirus or developed an effective CX��mA treatment.

on June 23 in Moscow, opened fitness clubs and pools. While they will work in a special mode. How will the training? And how soon will be able to recover fitness-industry in the capital?

To quarantine in Moscow worked about 1800 clubs. Of these, 15-20%, according to the Association of operators fitness-industry are unable to withstand the regime of self-isolation.

Coronaries changed the minds of many people, from Hollywood stars to managers lower level. The Russians had time to think about, isn’t it time to change jobs, business model or at least stop the mindless existence. “Газета.Ru” collected examples of successful reinvention of your life for use in pochkovidnye era.

Ahmed’s Sake, in 1986 the national team of Belgium scored a goal, which is still the sole goal of Iraq to the world Cup, has died at the age of 56. For was admitted to hospital on 13 June, after which he was discharged, but was again admitted to the hospital June 18, due deterioration.