Putin criticized the government due problems with payments to doctors in Russia opened the first criminal case of due compensation doctors, and scientists have identified immune to COVID-19 group of people.

the Fourth day in a row in the country, the number of new cases COVID-19 is less than ten thousand. On the eve of the operational headquarters reported just over 8900 patients. For the last day recovered 5921 people. For all time — 76 130.

Earlier, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that the increase in the spread of coronavirus in the Russian Federation is stopped, the stabilization is celebrated throughout the country.

the Russian President believes the government is responsible for problems with payments of money to the doctors working with patients with coronavirus. In his opinion, if it was prescribed clear principles of transferring funds to people, then there would be fewer questions to the physicians and governors.

the Investigation Committee opened a criminal case due paying compensation physicians working with patients COVID-19. The production opened in the Kuban after a video message from the ambulance staff of Armavir. They complained that they have not received the promised additional payments for work in conditions of pandemic. Suspicion fell on the leadership of the hospital.

the Russians to purchase alcohol before the quarantine at the end of March. During isolation, the demand for alcohol has fallen, complain shops and manufacturers of alcohol. Experts fear that people who have lost part of the income, switched to the cheap stuff on the gray market.

According to the chief psychiatrist Eugene Brune Ministry of health, alcohol, and Smoking worsens the course of disease in infected with coronavirus is contagious and increases the strength of the infection. Bruin supported the idea of the Federation Council to raise the minimum age of sale of alcohol from 18 years to 21 years. Earlier it was reported that the legislature, about half of the Russian regions are working on the issue of the ban sale of alcohol in bars, cafes and restaurants in residential houses with room service less than 50 sq. m. Almost all of the regions may impose restrictions on the issue until the end of may.

Forbes spoke with companies that are professionally engaged in the construction of shelters, and found that the demand for their services has increased markedly. Among those who are willing to pay for fortified one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, there are customers from Russia.

Boom in the market bins is observed in the United States. Here the average price of a shelter is 35 thousand dollars.

People who, after recovery, re-identified coronavirus not contagious to others, set by South Korean scientists. Now, thanks to their study of patients who had been ill and left for the required quarantine not required to obtain a negative test result for the virus to come backI work or study.

Infected with coronavirus are not only very different endure sickness, but as different the intensity of its spread. Chinese scientists have proved that people who are asymptomatic carriers of SARS-CoV-2, shed virus into the environment, contaminating household surfaces by the pathogen. It is known that SARS-CoV-2 is still viable and remains a threat while in the environment for hours or days.

to test this hypothesis, the scientists found whether viral RNA in the samples collected in the quarantine of the hotel where lived two students with COVID-19 before they developed symptoms.

According to another study, published in the journal Nature, the vast majority of cases of transmission of the virus from person to person — about 80% — accounted for only 10% of virus carriers.

Estimates of the British scientists means that somebody of virus-infected SARS-CoV-2 is virtually harmless to others and somebody passes it immediately to a number of others.

People who are ill with SARS during the outbreak in 2003, can be resistant to a new type of coronavirus, the researchers say. It turned out that a virus SARS-CoV geeky acute respiratory syndrome, stimulates the production of antibodies.

there may be cases of infection of Russians on may holidays, most likely, already reflected in the statistics, I think physicians specializing in infectious diseases.

However, the number of new cases may increase if people don’t follow a regime of self-isolation during the holidays, said a leading researcher of the Institute of clinical experimental medicine, Virology Professor Alexander Chepurnov.

President of the United States says that many Americans, including himself, are taking hydroxychloroquine to defend against the coronavirus.

He told reporters at the White house that takes him in a couple of weeks one tablet a day and referred to the fact that it can take many doctors and people working in areas where high risk of infection. Earlier it was reported that the world health organization found convincing evidence for the efficacy of this drug in the fight against coronavirus.

currently there are no drugs #COVID19.
No dokazatelstv that gidroksilamin or any other medication can cure or prevent #coronavirus.

the US Administration claims that she conducted the proceedings in relation to who activities in pandemic confirmed many of the available Washington fears. This was stated by Donald trump in a letter that he sent to the Director-General of the organization Tedros Adenoma Gebreyesus. The letter contains a list of errors that, in the opinion of the American side, made by the who.

the world health Assembly on the second day of its work, unanimously adopted a resolution on access to medicines from COVID-19 and investigation of world health organization during a pandemic. The resolution points to the need in the shortest possible time and in consultation with the member States to begin a phased process in an impartial, independent and comprehensive assessment to analyze the experience and lessons learned in the international response health COVID-19. While this analysis will, in particular, evaluated the effectiveness of the available mechanisms of the who, but the who pandemic COVID-19 and the timing of their implementation.

People who live in poor areas new York, die from coronavirus twice as often in the rich neighborhoods. The largest mortality rate recorded in the poor neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens. Previous report showed that Hispanics and blacks in the city die from COVID-19 more often white.