Researchers from Harvard medical school studied data on Parking lots at hospitals of Wuhan and search queries by Chinese users over the last year. And came to the conclusion that the coronavirus is likely to have appeared in August 2019.

As CNN reports, the team led by John Braunstein has used the findings in respect of the occupancy of the hospital Parking lots with the spread of the flu – such a study a few years ago they spent in Latin America.

this time the scientists discovered that in the late summer-early autumn 2019 Parking at the hospitals of Wuhan has been downloaded much stronger than a year earlier.

for Example, if near the hospital Tianyou in October 2018 average parked car 171, in October of last year they became more than 90%.

Five of the six hospitals of Wuhan in September and October, according to the scientists, put “Parking records.”

the researchers Also looked at popular queries for the subject of health in the Chinese search engine Baidu. And I saw a great post search on the words “diarrhoea” and “cough” is, as you know, the symptoms COVID-19. Scientists have made a preliminary conclusion that the coronavirus began to circulate in China in August last year.

Recall that last week the Italians said that the RNA of the coronavirus found in the samples of sewage water in Milan and Turin taken on 18 December 2019.