Coronavirus withdrew from active work schedule another General designer of the Russian space Agency. One of the leaders of the Center for exploitation of ground space infrastructure (FSUE “TsENKI”), Alex Bogomolov, was hospitalized on Thursday, may 7, at the clinic.

Alexey Bogomolov is a candidate of technical Sciences, Professor. Throughout his life he develops the launch and the technical complexes for space infrastructure of various classes.

As it became known “MK”, Bogomolov felt bad at one of the meetings this week, passed the test for the coronavirus, which gave a positive result.

Despite the fact that the status of the chief designer was not heavy, doctors advised him to go to the hospital for better monitoring.

due To the fact that before the diagnosis of Bogomolov in contact with colleagues, participated in meetings, almost all staff having contact with him was tested and put on a mandatory two-week quarantine.

As earlier reported “MK”, two days earlier, on may 5, from the coronavirus has died, the General designer of manned programs of Russia, the General designer of rocket-space Corporation Energia, academician of RAS Evgeny Mikrin.

Evgeny flew on the same plane with the head of rostec Dmitry Rogozin at the spaceport to see me off to the ISS the crew of spacecraft “Soyuz-MS-16”. Together they took part in the meeting, the special pre-launch Commission.

a week after returning from Baikonur, April 16, General designer, took two test, as reported after his colleagues, and both found he had coronavirus. However, in the hospital, the chief designer went immediately, at first it was treated at home. In the CDB the office of the President brought him in after the April 20, where he in a few days and died. According to RSC Energia, an outstanding scientist, designer and organizer of the may 8, will be buried at the Federal military memorial cemetery in Mytishchi “closed”, with no memorial service.

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