470 000 businesses have registered according to the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (47, SPD) already short-time work. How many people relates to the, could not yet exactly estimate, said healing. He anticipated with more than 1.4 million people were affected by the financial crisis.

According to the Ifo Institute expect 25.6 percent of all companies in the next three months short-time working. The Munich researchers are informed, citing its survey of Enterprises. This is the highest level since 2010. Three months ago, the share stood at 15.3 percent.

above average in the key industries of Automobiles (41 percent), mechanical engineering (33 percent) and electric (32 percent) are affected.

“the full extent of the Corona of a pandemic is not considered in all these Figures, probably because most of the answers were bad until the middle of March,” said Ifo-expert Klaus well.

What is it with the millions of Germans that now instead of wage short-time work means?

The facts: , The Federal Agency for employment pays 60 percent of net earnings, in the case of employees with children, 67 percent. Social contributions are refunded to the company. Is paid to the short-time working allowance for a maximum of twelve months.

Smart calculator you can calculate here how much the short-time working money you get .