the Government has already turned the alarm and fear that as many as 160.000 reindeer can die because of beitekrisen.

the Crisis has occurred after that the Troms and Finnmark, Nordland and parts of the Trøndelag closest has been snowing down. Heavy snowfalls combined with rain and frequent temperaturskifte is the problem.

This has led to a lack of food. Reindeer and reindriftsutøvere have been in this crisis since December, but now comes the long-awaited help.

– Wednesday we will draw up five sacks with 800 pounds of feed in each sack. These will be up to the reindeer, which graze over ten miles from the road, ” says Marit Lovise Logje Malin, who is the director of the Red Cross in Kautokeino.

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POOR PASTURE: Both on the Finnmarksvidda plateau and in the interior of Troms have reineierne now feed the reindeer with rundballgress and pellets.

Photo: Arild Moe / NRK “temporary solution” with the Red Cross

Last week came the message that the Troms and Finnmark county were going to help in the crisis. They have seen the possibilities for the Defence to be inserted to help in the crisis. This assistance has not yet come.

“Nødløsningen” was when the Red Cross and volunteer crew.

We have chosen to do this since the reindeer husbandry has had to take the feed up to the pasture. This is a heavy job and it also eat from the time they use to herd the animals, ” says Sunna Marie Pentha, reindriftsdirektør for the county governor in Troms and Finnmark.

Several reindriftsutøvere have been in contact with the defense and the county, but receive the message that they are not inserted yet. Why?

– We are still waiting for a response from the Defense. While we are waiting for the answer, we see that we already have to help those who have worn the longest, ” says Pentha.

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HELP COMES: Sunna Marie Pentha, reindriftsdirektør in Troms and Finnmark county council, promises aid to the distressed reindeer.

Photo: Knut-Sverre Horn / NRK Helps four district

the Red Cross in Kautokeino have been told to help four reinbeitedistrikt in the area the coming days, informs the leader Malin to NRK.

We do not know how long we have to contribute to help in the crisis. It is taken an ongoing assessment on how long the reindeer herders need help, ” says Malin.

the County governor in Troms and Finnmark are to cover bensinutgiftene and other things related to the assignment they have been given.

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Although the Red Cross is now set into to help, ” says Pentha that they still need support from the defense. It is namely over 270 tons of feed that hungry reindeer on the plateau waiting for.

Defence looking at the opportunity to reprioritize their resources. They have tasks that they need to delegate and do. Therefore, we have said yes to this help first, ” says Pentha.

Now waiting several days in snow-covered plains for the volunteer emergency service in Kautokeino. This they look on as a learning experience for the future.

– It is important that the Red Cross get to get out in the field when there is no crisis and people are not in distress, ” says Malin.