the Risk here is increasing the next two days because of the weather that is reported, precipitation and wind, which increase in. This can lead to the natural priests avalanche because of the wind that fraktar all the snow over in lesider, says vaktleiar Andreas Hatlestad in snøskredvarslinga.

There are several places in the country that already have considerable faregrad, or the like, and are called faregrad three.

the area of the Inner Fjords, the faregraden to large, or faregrad four, on Wednesday. It can get avalanche priests, both natural and of skiløparar. Avoid all skredterreng, is oppmodinga from skredvarslingstenesta then.

It may look to per no that the danger will be greatest on Thursday and faregraden for Wednesday can be adjusted down and then increase on Thursday.

as of now, it appears that the danger is greatest on Thursday because of wind and rain. It can come in a natural way the priests flakskred in the height where precipitation comes as snow combined with wind. In the valley is the wet snow, and naturally the priests våtsnøskred.

today, there is great danger avalanche in several places in Northern Norway. For the Helgeland region, Ofoten, Salten and the Svartisen glacier, it can get in a natural way the priests landslides in both fokksnø and wet snow.

Hatlestad says that when it comes to avalanche danger, is it the weather that controls it.

– There are big differences where in the country you are. We encourages all of you to check careful.en to check the region they belong to or where they are going on tour

SKREDFARE: There is great danger of avalanches in several places in Norway. (Archive photo)

Photo: Olaug Bjørneset / NRK Well safe area

He says people should follow oppmodingar to choose moderate terrain and avoid the high risk with the situation we are in now.

– Came you like, but avoid to seek out the steep places when the risk is high. Be on the safe places and keep a good distance to the skredterreng.

He says that one must avoid terrain steeper than 30 degrees and fit on the utløpssoner.

– part places where avalanches can losne of himself, one must take account of how far the snømasssene can now. Large avalanches may reach beyond the surface area, he says.

From have hovudredningssentralen been out and said that people must not trigger redningsaksjonar en while koronapandemien put pressure on the health care system.

As a part of the national dugnaden we now go into in, can we not allow people to take the trips that clash redningsaksjonar, said Jarle Øversveen who is head of department at the Hovudredningssentralen in Southern Norway to NRK last week.

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