Musician and singer Sergey Shnurov could not respond earlier attack on the crew of Ksenia Sobchak in Sredneuralskaya convent under the control of the rebels against the Russian Orthodox Church and secular authorities of the Russian Federation chiyoumen Sergius Romanov. Cord has published verse in the same playfully mocking manner.

is currently known about the broken arm to near the elbow of the operator, which, together with Sobchak filmed in the monastery. To Xenia and her children were attacked by men in black clothes, which can be supporters of chiyoumen Romanov. The ROC, meanwhile, advised the monastery not to be missed.

Cords said that Sobchak “itching,” she always wants hype. The crab was a strange story, the nose she broke. “The topic keeps noroeste,/ as Fast as a Chuck Norris,/ And to the monks karate/ Jump Ksenia Sobchak”, – treboval Cords.

He added that Sobchak was sent to hell, but she still entered the monastery. Then she “poked in a bed” to “do not climb under the fence”. “The souls of all of our save,/ Xenia and the monks together /In General soon will be a trial/ Sorry, not on Calvary” – ended Cords.

Read the material: there was video of the beating crew Sobchak in the monastery