In all German Federal States apply at the time of no-Contact orders or output restrictions, the spread of the Coronavirus curb. Are affected also divine services – many youth ordinations, confirmations, christenings or Holy communions must be cancelled, therefore, for the time being, or moved.

youth dedicate: planned For April, to celebrate

moved to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, said the youth consecration club-MV first of all to celebrate in April. You will be rescheduled after the summer holidays. “Celebration of the hours scheduled for the month of may, we reserve the right to carry out, insofar as the situation makes it possible,” reads the website of the largest provider of youth consecrate in the North-East.

Also, the churches have canceled their celebrations for children and adolescents because of the Corona-crisis for the time being. The confirmations, for the in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, according to a Church spokesperson, about 1200 young people are registered, would be postponed for an indefinite period of time. The confirmations take place at Pentecost – whit Sunday this year is on December 31. May. The Catholic Church announced that the first communions and confirmations to be moved, until the suspension of the Celebration of religious services was lifted.

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fixed dates in Thuringia, are to be this year’s rescheduled

Other States react in a similar way, also in Thuringia, many were canceled appointments because of the Corona-pandemic or postponed. The youth consecration dates in April and partially may be cancelled, said Dana Grosch of the interest Association of Youth initiation of Thuringia, the German press Agency. You should, however, be rescheduled. When will that be, can’t say that the interest of the Association at the moment. “With the current uncertainty, you can’t plan at all,” said Grosch. “But we want to celebrate this year.” In the festivities to celebrate the 14 – and 15-Year-old is symbolic of the completion of the Childhood.

In the Evangelical Church communities of the confirmation from the fall to celebrate in April, as Susanne Sobko, spokesperson of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany, said. “At the celebrations in may, the communities are now waiting for how the Situation develops further.” In General, the confirmations could be pushed, in consultation with the confirmands and the parents but also into the next year.

confirmations of Catholic young people start, according to the diocese of Erfurt in any case only to the 19th century. April and pull up in the autumn. If you could be celebrated would depend on the then applicable administrative orders, said diocese spokesman Peter Weidemann. “Security is a priority.” The first communions on may 19. April, the so-called white Sunday, to be laid according to the diocese.

Sachsen-Anhalt want to fixed allow

In Saxony-Anhalt and it is currently working to allow you to celebrate in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic. “We are currently working on contingency plans because of the Coronavirus,” said the managing Director of the national Association of interest Association of youth consecration in Magdeburg, Yvonne Müller. All Participants were currently involved. There is as yet no conclusive answers and solutions, so Müller. Fact: “We want to enable young people like to celebrate.”

According to the Association, it was first decided to postpone all planned for April, to celebrate may, June, or some also in July. There are currently agreements with the operators of the Locations, but also with artists, speakers and other Stakeholders, said the President of the national Association, Anke Hoffmeister. “We need to look at how we can deal with the Situation,” added Müller. The cards for the April celebration keep according to the Association to be valid.

the Church’s representatives, to organize confirmations and communions, had been taken by surprise by the current Situation, said Susanne Sobko of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany, in Magdeburg. “Confiscated-trips to fall out, preparatory meetings, sacrament preparation and religious services can not take place.” In addition, the first confirmations had to be cancelled, more to follow. For confirmations, there is no fixed date. The Competent can choose freely – between palm Sunday and Pentecost.

The bishopric of Magdeburg, meanwhile, is all up to the summer vacation communions, christenings and turning point in life only began to celebrate cancelled. “We prefer to have decided to a longer period of time, in order to give the families more planning security,” said diocese spokeswoman Susanne Sperling. New dates are not available yet. The person Concerned should be continuously on the website of the diocese of further developments.

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