a good friend of Mine and musician Pavel Okunev even wanted to gather the orchestra under the Windows to give me a concert. But I do not agree – the music is sure to gather people. And it is unsafe. It was therefore agreed to postpone the event until better times, – told “RG” Yuri.

the Veteran believes everything that is happening today is a temporary phenomenon. Life in all times have experienced people for strength. Most importantly, keep peace on earth.

He was only 17 years old when the war began. From Dnepropetrovsk family evacuated to Novosibirsk. Mom-the doctor mobilized to the front. Son in 1942, wearing a vest boatswain brigade of torpedo boats, which guarded the Soviet border, and participated in the battles for the Kurile Islands.

– In August 45, the year we got an order of the front commander Malinovsky urgent landing. And if two hours late, the Kuril Islands went to the United States. When he saw us, 17 ships of the squadron, the allies were forced to retire, recalls Chernobyl.

After the war he became a Builder. Omsk circus, musical theatre, regional clinical hospital, the Pushkin library and much more built with his direct participation.

Their longevity, the veteran must not only inexhaustible optimism and creativity. The war hero writes poetry, has already released two dozen collections. Today young announcer’s voice reads them on the phone to his friends.

To the toiler of the rear Margarita Semyonovna Bagataway today, too tough to call. It is usually a big family gathered on may 9 at the holiday table. And now, when the coronavirus have limited fellowship, children and grandchildren to pluck the phone to congratulate her on her Victory. 95-year-old Omichka, the chest is decorated with a medal “For valiant labour in the great Patriotic war”, is the glorious anniversary of the most relevant.

– I Have three beautiful children, four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Calling excitedly, – shared with “RG” Margarita Semenovna. – Therefore, despite the limitations in my house came a real holiday.

the First entry in her workbook made the second of October, 1941. 16-year-old worker for 12 hours standing at a machine evacuated from Zaporozhye engine plant, replacing three adult brothers and sister, went to the front. Victory day she remembers like it was yesterday.

– How glad we were not to transfer. Were cheering, hugging, singing. One of the workers to celebrate, picked me up and thrown into the air, – says Margarita Semenovna. – The same thing happened in the city. People cheered, danced to the accordion. On a nearby street late played the gramophone. You can’t even imagine what a happy time after the Victory. Live and be happy!

For Ivan Smirnov’s current year – twice is significant. In January veTeran hundredth anniversary, and today accepts congratulations in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory.

Ivan Ivanovich is famous for the fact that is the participant of two wars – the Soviet-Finnish and the great Patriotic war.

In 1939, went to the front in special ski reconnaissance squadron. In childhood loved to run on skis and involved in sports. After graduating from military transport Academy fought in the 3rd Ukrainian front. Freed Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria. Victory met in Budapest. Remember it like it was yesterday – admitted “RG” Ivan Smirnov.

After the war more than 50 years, the Colonel has served in the Ministry of civil defence. Awarded the order “Patriotic war 2nd degree”, “red Star”, “For merits before Fatherland”, the medal “For military merit”. On the eve of the festival he was awarded the medal of the Investigative Committee of Russia “For the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.” Now his excessively heavy jacket was even more significant.

As a military man he respected the quarantine. And to greet guests, and opens to a balcony.

– it is a Pity that failed to attend the parade. But I think we’ll catch up. Pass a solemn March through the main square and start the fireworks. What are our years – smiling Ivan Smirnov.

Omsk oblast was sent to the front about 287 thousand, 144 thousand of them never came back. For courage, bravery and exemplary performance of tasks, tens of thousands of residents were awarded orders and medals.

Among the awardees 136 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 33 full cavalier of the order of Glory.

In Omsk oblast during the war from the Western front-line areas were evacuated 110 industrial enterprises. In defense plants worked liapidevskii, Tupolev, Korolev.

More than 3,500 workers and engineering-technical workers, government awards, several thousands awarded the medal “For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war”.

During the great Patriotic war, Omsk was built of 600 thousand square meters of production space, 200 thousand square meters of housing, where needed, evacuated to Siberia of the company.

According Accstate, 1915-45 years in the Omsk defense industry was sent to the front of 15 thousand aircraft engines, 3.8 thousand fighters and bombers, 6,9 thousand of the famous T-34 tanks, 8 million radio stations, more than 1.3 million buildings with rockets, including Katyusha rockets. The means of Omsk built and handed over to the army 5 armored trains, 4 train, 33 wagons and 3 trains-baths. Created a squadron “Omsk Komsomolets” armored column “Omsk farmer.”

And workers of the village Bazhenovo Vasisskogo district gathered 165 thousand rubles and handed them over for the purchase of a dive bomber PE-2, which gave his fellow countryman, the pilot Simon�� P. Zolotarev. It Zolotarev made more than 300 sorties, shot down four fighters destroyed more than 43 aircraft on the ground, a significant amount of manpower and military equipment of the enemy, and was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

the defense Fund received more than 254 million rubles of personal savings Omsk, 1.9 kg of gold, 63,8 – silver, more than 30 tons of food

Veterans have received 20.5 per thousand Omsk coats, 68 thousand pairs of boots, 32.5 thousand hats and 100 thousand pairs of mittens. And siege of Leningrad – 82 of the carriage of butter and 10.7 million rubles other products. For the soldiers of the army hawks also sent 275 thousand parcels.