While writing these lines, the 17-year-old heroine of this article, in the hospital, giving birth to a second child, and her older daughter is only 9 months. Married a girl from 15 years – and those were the years that a normal person can only see in a nightmare. A week ago the citizen of one of CIS – underage and pregnant – managed to hide from her husband, the monster of a human rights defender from the St. Petersburg center of assistance to victims of violence “Birds”.

how did this happen and what is the fate of a young runaway, which soon will have two babies on his hands, “MK” told the head of the center Nataliya Nikiforova and volunteer Lidia Panova.

the First case of human rights activist asked not to specify nationality and present the girl’s name out of concern for her safety, so we’ll call her Leila, she’s a native of one of the former Asian republics of the USSR. Here is an excerpt from her appeal to the Consul of his country, which it made as soon as was safe. Attached to the letter of reference from the hospital where documented numerous beatings.

“At the beginning of December 2018, the year when I was 15 years old, my mother due to heavy family situation in absentia married me to a countryman, who lives and works in Saint-Petersburg. Behind me came the mother of the groom, my mom went with us. Since I was a minor, mother of the groom promised my mom that we will be betrothed with the groom only after reaching my majority. But as soon as we arrived in St. Petersburg, between me and her future husband was committed to religious marriage, “nikah”.

after a few days my mother went home. The husband promised her that he would not touch me until I get used to it. But did not keep his word, and against my will did the trick… I was very afraid and did not know how to behave when the husband comes to me. With every intimacy I felt worse. I asked him to take me to the doctor, but the man’s family, seeing my condition, he invited the Mullah, who read me the prayers. They taped me and sent the mother with the accusation that she slipped him a sick daughter.

the man’s Family, including his mother and sister, began to reproach me, and under various pretexts to dismiss his hands. I was locked, stopped to feed, despite the fact that I was already pregnant. Products, they hid, fed once a day – I was invited to eat what was left of their dinner. I was forced to collect on the flat coins to save up for a packet of crackers or dry noodle. Every time I was about 40-50 rubles, I through the window of the first floor asked the neighborhood boys to buy me something to eat. It turns out that the man’s family knew about it, they specifically left the coins and secretly filmed me on camera when I collect them. This survey they sent to my mother, reproaching her in obscene inpitanii me.

Fearing divorce, my mom came to St. Petersburg and started working as a cleaner. After a while, she gathered the amount of 33 thousand rubles, and gave the money to my mother and my husband. But nothing has changed. Mom took me from the husband’s family to a safe place and talked me into being patient, I thought that after giving birth everything will change.

In October of 2019 I gave birth to a girl. My husband learned about this, took an apartment and promised that more will not hurt me. We moved there, but soon he again started beating me. I also learned that we have at home my husband is married, he has a wife and child. And in Russia it is the Russian civil wife. I put up with it, but the beatings and abuse continued. He kicked me in the head, the body, but the most terrible was kicked in the stomach, because I was again pregnant. I suffered until the 8th month of her second pregnancy.

But the evening of 6 July, after another beating, I could no longer endure the pain and jumped out of the window of the apartment. Ran to the bus stop, jumped into the first bus at 23.00 and was in Pushkin. Went home and knocked at the door of the apartment. In one of the apartments I discovered a Russian woman and seeing my condition, putting me up in the morning, and in the morning called an ambulance.

At the clinic I was diagnosed with contusions to the head, of the pancreas and suggested that my unborn child is harmed. Advised to do an ultrasound, but I had no money.

Now I am in a Studio apartment with three women, but I’m afraid that my husband will find me and my torment will continue. I was left without a livelihood, at the 8th month of pregnancy and 9-month-old baby in her arms. Help me, please!”

Layla took a beating and went to his Consulate, – told the “MK” Savior girls, human rights activist Natalia Nikiforova and Lidia Panova. – There began to raise St. Petersburg’s crisis centers, colleagues from NGOs call on our hotline, and we immediately made contact with the victim and learned all this horror, which she describes in her letter to the Consul.

it turned Out that Leyla was trying to contact the police, but the statement she did not accept. The policeman called her husband and asked him to make his wife no longer bothered. For what Leila is, of course, only has received additional beatings.

– In what state is Leila now?

this morning she was taken to the hospital, so now we are waiting for replenishment. In General, it is very good, very worried about his 9-month-old daughter and future child, with love tells about the children. Leila wants to raise them safely, and therefore want to prosecute her husband, who so long mocked. Now we are trying to help her, and we get. We help friends, officials and nervnogoshnye people.

our First task was to arrange the Leila in the hospital, with this we did, for which we thank the staff of the Ombudsman for the rights of the child in St.-Petersburg Anna Mityanina and Victor Basistova. We are also very grateful to the group of mothers under the leadership of Anna resurrection, which took over the collection of items for children Leyla – prams, cots and other baby accessories.

– And what will you do with Leila’s next? Return to the homeland?

– No, the home for Layla to come back is very dangerous! It’s not even that she is even in the eyes of his own relatives will be considered disgraced, runaway wife. And the fact that the family of her husband were knee-deep in criminal cases. Therefore, for the safety of our ward we do not specify any names. According to most of Layla and representatives of the Consulate, the father of her husband has a life sentence for terrorism, and he is the stepfather of criminal activity associated with drug trafficking. And these “cousins” out looking for her! Last night Leila fell threatening phone calls from some of her countrymen, the next morning we immediately changed her room, but still very afraid for her… Now we look forward to sharing an active part in the fate of the fugitive Russian law enforcement agencies and consulates of the home country of Leila. And rely on social services and the office of the children’s Ombudsman of the Russian Federation. But, in fact, save we have three children – baby that’s born, a nine-month baby and the minor mother.