The husband of Natasha Koroleva recently publicly complained about the lack of money because of the situation with the pandemic.

Tarzan has called on the government to help artists who lost the opportunity to earn a living, and not the elderly, who have, and so have pensions.

“In contrast to grandparents who sit at home and received a pension, and receive, the actors do not have a dime”, – lead his words

To the statement of Sergey Glushko responded the representative of the company “Citymobil” Giorgi Lubushkin.

“We, as a company, which is now all the forces thrown against the coronavirus and its implications, with a large sympathetic to the artist in a difficult situation. Today we quickly discussed with our partners the situation and decided to help in an accelerated mode to connect Sergei Glushko Natasha Queen to Citymobil. We will also help with the early completion of all the procedures that they ASAP can get to work in a taxi”, – he wrote on his Facebook page.

Offer Abushkina amused users of FB.

There was a stormy discussion on the topic, like Tarzan would do the job for passengers.

The artist, in particular, are advised not to miss the chance to stay in this job in the future, to the same worthy cause envy retirement, as the current elderly.

However, to sell foreign real estate are advised.

“And if there is not enough money to pay tax on a property in Miami, let them sell”, “Poor our. You good people found a job…arbeiten, then in old age will have a decent pension, as our old men.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, during a pandemic, the artists would have the opportunity to return to work, despite the fact that their great state is a myth.

This was stated by actor, singer and bodybuilder Sergey Glushko, more known under the name of Tarzan.