life find out how you can protect yourself from dismissal. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such policies?

Pandemic and the unstable economic situation entail mass unemployment. In turn, the market is not far behind and gives its proposal. Thus, it is proposed to buy insurance in case of job loss. Like all brilliant, the principle of the policy is simple. If they lose their jobs (all the nuances are negotiated in the contract) the insurer pays the policyholder a certain amount.

it Seemed that many people can go for making such a useful present product. But, it turns out, not every citizen can count on this service.

Requirements for potential customers, insurers individual Exhibitor. The list of those who refuse, like this:

Policy saves a man if he lost a permanent job for reasons beyond his control. In conditions of compensation, usually included a reduction in staff of the organization or its liquidation.

Insurance for job loss is quite a controversial service for the insured and for the insurer, said the Deputy head of IAC “Alpari” Natalia Milchakova.

— the fact that unemployment insurance itself can provoke a so-called moral hazard. This means that people can go to the dangerous actions for compensation — explained the expert.

for Example, nothing prevents the insured intentionally reduce the quality of work in order to be dismissed and collect the insurance. Especially often this type of moral hazard may arise when employees of enterprises in crisis have significantly reduced salary. And about this danger, insurers always remember and limit the number of clients that issued the policy.

— Therefore, those citizens who wish to issue the policy, you should very carefully read the terms of the insurance company, not to be trapped. And, of course, to calculate whether the game is worth the candle, not go broke if you on a regular payments the insurance company, especially if your salary is not particularly exceed the minimum wage, recommends Natalia Milchakova.

the Founder of digital insurance company “Mango insurance” Victor Lavrenko said that insurance, which would guarantee payments and compensation for loss of employment, — a very controversial product. And there are several reasons.

Victor Lavrenko gave an example, when the firm money problems, the Director hires 100 fictitious people, they “buy” the policies for dismissal, then a month later they fired, and the profit goes into the pocket of the Director.

more Important question, according to him, is the cost of insurance against job loss. Now the risks of losing income is particularly high. So, the insurance company takes into account these risks and lays them in the cost of the policy. For example, if 20% of everyone who bought such a policy, losing their jobs, that paid the insurance in case of dismissal of 100 thousand rubles, you need to insurance cost an average of 30 thousand. Otherwise it is absolutely unprofitable. But how many people will want at a price to buy the product?

— This type of insurance is debatable, unclear benefit for all parties. Benefit, for example, in the insurance of apartments is clear. Without insurance you will flood the neighbor, he’ll be billed a million, and you’ll have to go to court, whereas the real damage there can be 34 thousand is a real case from our practice, he said. — And if the insurance you have, it is the issue of insurance — to settle such a question. Besides the abundance of products on the market making such insurance is available at a price.

Managing partner of the legal company “the Warsaw & partners” Vladislav Warsaw noted that the undoubted advantage policy is the ability to receive compensation for loss of job and earnings.

for Example, if the insurance is furnished together with the loan and, in the case of loss of job and inability to repay the loan payment of the insured event will cover the indebtedness of the borrower to the Bank. The client will be able to preserve their credit history and to avoid payment of penalties for the violation of the term of the loan. However, we must remember that the Bank cannot force the borrower to issue such a policy. It must be a conscious choice of the citizen.

the disadvantages of the policy, the lawyer took and the fact that the insurance event is not any loss of work, but only on the grounds, which are defined by insurance rules. Usually not recognized by the insured event of the resignation, the dismissal of the insured person committed misconduct.

Very often in practice, a situation where the employer is actually forcing the employee to write the application on dismissal at own will. In this case, to obtain insurance payment will be impossible, — said the lawyer. — You should also pay attention that in case of early termination of the contract of insurance of money for the policy is not refundable, unless otherwise provided in the agreement.

When taking out the policy the lawyer Vladislav Warsaw recommends that special attention be given to list of insurance claims, the procedure for determining the amount of damages, the amount of the insurance premium, the order of payment of insurance indemnity, as well as an exhaustive list of grounds for refusal to pay. Very often this information is contained not in the insurance policy and insurance regulations, so they must be carefully studied before design documents.