the new-Fangled device, its appearance resembles a giant coffee machine. “Iron man” is trying to draw attention to themselves, occasionally including loud music. Park visitors, especially children, this attraction pleased. Adults like other talents of the robot can, for example, to prepare latte, cappuccino, Americano, and even milkshakes-chocolate, strawberry or cherry. Prices, in principle, as in regular coffee format to go.

you can Make an order using one of the tablets that are installed have a mini coffee shop. Correspondent “RG” ordered a latte. Cooking machine spent about a minute.

can the robots in the short term to replace the usual us Barista? Experts are not sure. These mini-coffee shops, says restaurateur Vyacheslav Lepekhov can work for tourists who want to quickly grab a coffee and drink it on the run. “I always take coffee in one person, – told “RG” Lepekhov. He knows my habits, maybe my mood determine what I want: strong coffee and or not. And the robot emotions do not see.”

the school Leader Barista at Barista League of Russia Ilya Bogdanovich also skeptical. Says it’s interesting and unusual, so people will involve, but only at first. “Technology is evolving, and hands the robot is still quite clumsy – said in an interview with “RG” Bogdanovich. – In the distant future it is possible that there are separate restaurants with robots and humans. If you have a little money, go to robots, because there will be price tags below. In fact contain equipment cheaper than employees.”