In the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the project has been recently established in the district scientific-educational center “Neutrinos, new materials, information technology and the green economy” and one of its main partners – the Design center market prototyping. While the project is under development, although similar to that already successfully implemented in the Cheboksary about a year ago.

– Initially, the consortium assumed effective interaction of representatives of education, science, business and government. Our facility includes a Design center to market prototyping and research Institute “ELPA”, possessing advanced competencies in creating digital infrastructure. The pilot project “Digital city” and “Digital University 20.35” we will implement together with the enterprises of the military-industrial complex “Zelenograd cluster,” – said Vice-rector for scientific research of the Kabardino-Balkarian state University Svetlana Khashirova.

Referred to the defence sector are major sources of technology to create a virtual clone. By the way, the Design center prototyping market was created for output on the civilian market the military-industrial complex.

– We cooperate with many enterprises of the defense industry, and what is now proposed, in Nalchik will be made using their products, – noted in conversation with the correspondent “RG” managing partner and Executive Director of the Design center market prototyping Sergey Firsov.

As explained by the expert plans not only to create a digital double of Nalchik in the sphere of housing and communal services, but also to implement the system of monitoring the condition of buildings, structures and communications. We are talking about using these technologies in the transport system of the city. With regard to utilities, the system allows to reduce energy consumption, automate the control over fulfillment of requests, users, and even provide online management platform owners housing stock.

build a system from scratch and integrate with others, which is already in the village. All equipment and software domestic. In addition, the technology works well in the legacy housing stock, which is very important for our cities. After all, the worn-out networks, many of the sensors and equipment it is simply impossible to put, – has explained Firsov.

And what is the benefit for ordinary inhabitants of such a double? In particular, they will have full control over the spending of resources. All information about the consumed heat, hot and cold water, electricity in the “Personal Cabinet” of the tenant.

the Objects of management and control can be not only apartment houses, but also the private sector, budgetary institutions, industrialnye enterprises, commercial real estate, the street economy, engineering networks and facilities.

In the administration of Nalchik said that such a project beneficial to the city in all respects. For example, the municipality will be able to monitor the quality of services, rates, structures, utilities, and online services are quickly notified in case of emergency. The system is able to give a signal to maintenance crews if something happens with utilities in the leak, by vandalism, or due to illegal tapping.

in addition, the transition to a digital economy facilitates the optimization of business processes in the region, to reduce costs and generate new sources of income.

the Term “digital double,” appeared in the early 2000s, it was invented by a University of Michigan Professor Michael greaves. He decided to create a virtual space, thoroughly duplicating the real, to check out on the digital model, various solutions before implementing them in production (at first he wanted to make a digital copy only of plants). However, until recently, to do it fully failed. Only a breakthrough in the development of digital technologies, particularly the emergence of 5G networks and cloud computing changed the situation.


In Russia the driver for the development of the market of digital doppelgangers become the oil and gas industry, engineering and engine building. In particular, the use of digital doubles of the wells in the oil industry allows companies to save up to 20 percent of the costs. In engineering a remarkable example of creating a virtual clone of the car Aurus Senat. So managed to spend about 50 thousand crash tests of the car and make it as safe as possible.