Compensation payments to clinical psychologists must be at least equal to those that are doctors — 80 thousand rubles a month. Such opinion in conversation with “Izvestia” said Executive Director of the Association of medical (clinical) psychologists Vitaly Tarasov.

“the Risk of infection is very high among members of the Association is already ill. The pressure is enormous. Your doctor literally 10-15 minutes per patient and the large volume of reporting documentation. But ask this patient about experiences and to help adapt to unusual conditions is the task of the medical psychologist. And when the psychologist worked with patients, he is going to help by doctors — they also need support in the new conditions of work with risks,” — said Vitaly Tarasov.

Previously “Izvestia” reported that now compensation for work with sick coronavirus begins to receive and medical psychologists. This follows from amendments introduced by the government in the relevant regulations.

Funds on government payments to physicians are distributed to the regions through Federal subsidies. However, the number of recipients not entered Moscow — the capital of the same award pays the city government.