Manchester United are ready to take the konseksvensen.

It must be the end with mediocre results, and therefore plan the club a large-scale cleansing of the profiles.

According to the Manchester Evening News chop manager Ole Gunnar Solksjær on to sell five players this summer, all profiles.

So is Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard, Andreas Pereira, Chris Smalling, as well as Alexis Sanchez past few months, if the plan succeeds.

If it happens, will there come a much needed space and finances for the club can fortstærke themselves.

In the English media, it is especially a name on the list, which is causing a stir. Phil Jones.

the Defender has been at the club for seven years and was the holder Sir Alex Ferguson predicted for the big, as the scot appointed Jones as one who could go in the history books of the biggest stars in the club.

Damage and problems with mold have made, however, that he can now see an end to his time at the club, if Solskjær find an interested buyer. Jones has only played two Premier League matches this season for United. Lingard makes it just not good enough and has dropped out of the squad. Two goals in all competitions is poor. Pereira on the other hand, plenty of playing time and has appeared 37 times on the team this season. The output is just not satisfactory for a certain Norwegian. For Chris Smalling it is natural, if his lejeaftaftale with Roma becomes a permanent contract. It is all parties appear to agree on. And then there is Alexis Sanchez, who frolicking with Christian Eriksen in the Inter. The cocktail in the United has never been good.

Solskjær has achieved so far in its transferplaner that he knows the names of those who are to replace the five profiles on his current team. Jadon Sancho, James Maddison and Jack Grealish are three gentlemen, he would like to see are welcomed at Old Trafford.