My partner (55) and I (55) lead to a happy relationship. So happy that we never argue. We have no disagreements or other problems in the partnership. You read everywhere how important it is to have a constructive conflict culture. But we amuse ourselves delicious, if we make us not to argue right times, it just goes. Is this normal? Are we supposed to make us all think about it? Erich

Dear Erich,

With the constructive culture of debate, a bit like with the Hammer in the tool box: you are not in a relationship although the basic equipment, but it makes no sense, with her on something and beat when you need one actually does or if it is not the right tool.

How often a Couple argues and how these conflicts take place is highly individual. It has to do with the individual personalities, but very much also with the circumstances of the relationship and dynamics between these people developed.

you seem to not include the pairs, which together come rarely or not at all. Reason for concern this is not. You can enjoy easily. To note

there is, perhaps, only the following point: conflicts can be an important engine for the relationship development. A Couple is never forced to a discussion, it may be that you live for years quite happily, but then at some point, but noted that in the Background of something that has fermented or that it’s boring in all of the satisfaction of eventually long.

This fact should scare you, but simply to motivate, aware and there is always a new Impulsive. Fall also never had the Illusion to know the To completely. Because assumptions are a breeding ground for alienation are.

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