Box office cinemas in the first weekend after opening amounted to about 30 mln, which was below expectations. Work resumed only every fifth cinema in the country, with half of them in Moscow and the Moscow region. Large Prime until the end of August is not expected, except for Russia’s “Goalkeeper of the galaxy.”For the weekend of July 29 — August 2, cash box office takings amounted to about 30 million rubles, follows from the data of the Unified automated information system (UAIS). “Nevafilm Research” estimated that only resumed work 21% of cinemas in the country, half of them in Moscow and cities of Moscow region. According to the UAIS, in the movie came 90,3 thousand spectators. Cinema massively opened up for the first time since the end of March. The last before closing of the March weekend fees are only the first of five paintings, including the animated “Trolls”, amounted to 189 million rubles, Even in those regions where the cinemas were allowed to open, resumed work, not all. According to “Nevafilm Research”, in the Moscow region (including Moscow and cities around Moscow) opened 88% of cinemas, and, for example, in the Rostov region — 68%. 100% of the cinemas opened in Kurgan and Sakhalin regions, in Sevastopol and in Chukotka. The movie theaters in Saint Petersburg, the second largest film market, are still closed to the disposal of the authorities. The network “Karo” opened almost all the theaters in Moscow and is waiting for permits to open in other regions, confirms her representative.In addition, over the weekend the repertoire of the cinemas was not rich: as reported by the “Kommersant”, because of the pandemic, major motion picture studios, Hollywood and Russian, have shifted the main premieres for the fall and next year. The highest grossing release was “Escape from Pretoria”, which attracted 6.1 million RUB “My spy” and “happy ending”, the only Russian premiere in the top ten, mastered 5.6 million and 2.8 million rubles, respectively, although the cinemas gave them significantly more sessions than “Escape from Pretoria”. Only these three films industry “Booker’s Bulletin” (BC) predicted by RUB 29 million of charges in the sum.BK in the preliminary forecasts was set up “more optimistic”, but this level of cash is quite expected, indicates its chief editor, Aleksandr Nechayev. “Opened not all cinemas, there are many restrictions, including selling tickets, and people still fear because of the coronavirus,” he explains. Better than the other releases worked those that do not involve visiting of children, and designed for the male audience, he points out: “Traditionally, the theaters make cash exactly family movies, but last weekend they collected below modest expectations.”The Bank predicted that interest in the cinemas at the level of excitement on the summer terrace soon after their discovery, but in the early days the forecast has not come true. The amount of payments of tickets 1 August, the opening day of the cinema, was almost 12 times less than in the same period of 2019, remote sale of tickets has decreased 14 times. “On the opening day of the theater has been means 9.6 times less than a year ago. Average check increased to 1089 RUB from 730 RUB. a year earlier,”— say in the ICD.The biggest premiere of August (in the case of anticipated cancellation of the release of “Mulan” by Disney) will become Russia’s “Goalkeeper of the galaxy” produced by STV, filmed over 960 million rubles. It is aimed at a family audience and comes out August 27. As told “Kommersant” his producer Sergey Selyanov, due to the impact of the pandemic fees film can not be predicted. In General, the producer predicted drop in theatrical revenue in the current year from the industry at 30%.Anna Afanasyeva