Visitors will see the renewed exhibition. They are devoted to fairy tales, to adaptations of famous Russian writers, as well as the remarkable Petersburg actor Paul Kadochnikov (to the 105th anniversary of his birthday), known to spectators on films “Ivan the terrible” Eisenstein, “secret agent”, “the Story of a real man”, “tiger girl”, “snow maiden”, “Yakov Sverdlov”, “Pedagogical poem”, and many others.

the First time the tours will be conducted for groups of no more than five people. And a cinema, designed for 198 places will accept a maximum of 50 viewers. These restrictions, together with compliance with mandatory rules (mask, gloves, measuring temperature) is introduced to minimize the risks.

As the press service of “Lenfilm” in the future cultural and exhibition center waiting for the extension: this will open a new exhibit dedicated to the combined set. It will include watch the Elsinore of “hamlet” Grigory kozintseva, a castle from the fairy tale “Cinderella” hope of Kosheverova and Michael Shapiro, “Aurora” historical films “Volley “Aurora” Yuri Vyshinsky, and other decorations and unique pictures.

in addition, it is planned that the cinema, which is on the Studio will begin work on August 16.