TV presenter Dana Borisova in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel said that the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova need urgent assistance. She believes that the dancer becomes an inveterate drunkard.

“the honor and dignity of Anastasia is long gone. They have been on drink. Her swollen face. Alcoholic bags under the eyes. Face all the time red. She is an alcoholic dependent person. She had to make a decision. It can swell and go to the sauna. Set fire to the branch and choke. And they all will end”.

According to Borisova, the trouble with Volochkova could happen in the coming months. And everyone who laughed will understand what happened irreparable.


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“She never admits that she has problems. Will say that drinking a glass of wine once a week. It can and before exercise to afford to drink. The mood is constantly drinking. Is there a good centre on Koh Samui. Take it for free. It is necessary to go to Thailand for treatment. I see her storise in social networks drunk. Humor is steeper Petrosian. She used to be one of the most beautiful women, but now her time was up. If she wants to sue me for my words, I do not mind. See you in court”, – said Borisov.