Singer Anita Tsoy said in an interview with "Moscow Komsomol member" about the most horrible manifestation of coronavirus.

The actress said that coronavirus infection new type attacks all systems of the body in turn.

"he is Constantly trying to find something to cling to: the kidneys, the liver, the pressure, the sugar. Therefore, these two weeks of illness — just a nightmare," said Choi.

She admitted that at first she observed temperature rise, and the body began to experience aching. Then came the mental problems.

"the Brain is split and you can’t think straight. Suddenly starts a psychological attack on the man," explained Mr. Choi.

According to her, because COVID-19 causes mental disorders.

The singer said that this virus is cunning, he "begins you to explore", leading to the first cough, and then "disables" the sense of smell and taste.

"do Not understand that you have a shoot tomorrow", – said Choi.