China brought in Thursday to orbit three satellites for civil purposes to develop the infrastructure of the Internet of things, optical mapping of high-resolution astrophysical observations. This was announced by the Chinese Corporation aerospace science and technology (CASC).

As stated on its official page on the social network WeChat, the launch was carried out at 11:13 local time (06:13 GMT) with rocket CZ-4B launch vehicle from the Taiyuan in the Northern Shanxi province. He became a 341-m for media series CZ.

One of the satellites is called ZY3-03. He weighs in at 2.36 tons and will be used in Geology, for the needs of forestry and agriculture, in rescue operations in case of natural disasters. The second device – Tianqi-10, weighing only 8 kg and designed exclusively for the organization of work of devices and sensors, integrated communication channels and connected to the virtual network. Third – rentgenologicheski microsatellite Longxiayan.

China is actively developing its national space programme, developing the meteorological, communication and navigation satellites, as well as technologies for exploration of the moon. This week scientists, China launched the first national research project on Mars, to the intense study of the surface of which they intend to start soon. Among the promising Chinese programs – the study of asteroids and mining them for minerals.