Vladimir Zelensky believes that after 27 July in the East of Ukraine will be established the real silence.

“It is critical for us”, — said the Ukrainian President during a joint trip to the Donbas with President of Switzerland Simonetta Sommaruga.

Zelensky is absolutely right: for Ukraine it is critical that attacks controlled territory from the occupied territories ceased. These attacks and creating tension on the demarcation line, and in the community. Stop the attacks — and the majority of Ukrainians will “forget” about the Donbass as a “forgotten” about the occupied Peninsula becomes a topic for news only when resume discussions about the water supply to the Crimea. But the political lever to pressure Ukraine is not the Crimea. In the event of termination of the attacks, the lever will cease to be and the Donbass.

That is why the attacks will not stop — in the Kremlin are not idiots who are willing to abandon such an efficient lever without the surrender of the Ukrainian side. That is why any cease-fire failed to hold out more than a few weeks or even days. And the new agreement expects the same unenviable fate.

Why, then, Russia agrees? But because it is a winner at any event. If the Ukrainian military will continue to respond to the attacks, this will enable the occupier to be in violation of the agreement the Ukrainian side to accuse Zelensky that he do not want to end “the civil war in the Donbas.” This, of course, the signal Pro-Russian part of the supporters of Zelensky — that in local elections they voted for opsi and generally relied now only on Medvedchuk.

But if the Ukrainian military will respond to attacks and become cannon fodder for the occupation, it will only exacerbate the confrontation between the authorities and the Patriotic part of society, will inevitably lead to an explosion of — well, not after the first, so after the tenth or twentieth of the deceased or after his arrest that the military, which decides to respond to the fire. Which is also in the hands of Moscow, as its main goal is to destabilize the Ukrainian government and the collapse of the state.

Zelensky, who still hopes to negotiate with Putin, not just falls into the new trap of the Kremlin, from which he will not be able to escape unscathed. In these same traps incompetent President drags and Ukraine itself, its citizens and its defenders. It is reported "the Rambler".