In a popular Youtube video called which videos are most often watched by the Russians during isolation and after it.

Intelligence service reviewed the statistics of requests of Russian users and find out their preferences in the last few months.

Since the beginning of the isolation the Russians were more interested in topics of health and physical activity, informs television channel “Vesti”. The most popular video was the “Super-thin waist in 5 minutes at home.” It has garnered over three million views. Also popular were videos fitness bloggers IMAGINE fitness, Melomur Nastya, Katya MATUSHKINO and Simple Run.

The second group of themes popular are virtual tours, performances, exhibitions and music concerts. Leaders in this category are online tours of the British Museum, Studio Ghibli in Japan, the van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, as well as tours dedicated to the high-rises of SOHO in new York.

In third place requests video on gardening. The Russians were interested in how to grow strawberries, tomatoes, care for garden beds and flower beds. Leaders to become channels “Seed the Partner”, “Garden guide”, Roman Burov and Veronica Polivinol.

In addition, the Russian users of the service independently studied home video tutorials on hairstyling. Most popular channels Artyom Chempion, Tips for Clips Haircutting and Sanja Carica Karasman, Free Salon Education and Positively Mommy.

Earlier published rating of the most popular songs of the Russians in the service Shazam for the first half of 2020. The most popular song was August the Belarusian team Intelligency. In second place was the Blinding Lights of the canadian Abel Tesfaye known as The Weeknd. On third place came “the Moon does not know the way” performed by Taipan & Agunda, the fourth position is occupied by El Capon and the track Shut Up Chicken. The five of leaders closes Intihask artist Hafex.