Leyla Vladimirovna! As they say, you can not bear to wait a little. And probably, your grandson, his wife, and you never thought that the birth of the new man will have such a brutal time. Childbirth, you know, were normal, without any pandemic nuances. This is because it is your grandson, and all, if I may say so, was on the ears? Or is this the norm? More specifically: the pandemic affects the course of pregnancy, on childbirth themselves? To draw final conclusions may be premature, but preliminary the situation is clear?

Leila Adamyan: responsible for the pregnancy, birth, the newborn’s condition I felt in full force. It applied personally to me and my family. I can say immediately: coronavirus infection, fortunately, does not affect the fetus. It is not transmitted vertically. It doesn’t strike the placenta. Not detected in the amniotic fluid. And the child even in a patient with sterile COVID is born healthy. If provided with a generic process.

What do you mean – provided a generic process?

Leila Adamyan: Provided a generic process if a pregnant healthy, do not suffer from serious diseases of the heart, lungs, blood vessels. If there is no associated complications. Then keeping the delivery is standard. Cesarean section is not necessary if the coronavirus. It is only when testimony on the part of obstetric pathology. That is, emphasize childbirth vaginally and coronavirus are preferred.

But… a prerequisite of delivery during a pandemic: not allowed birth partner. The baby after birth is not laid out on the mother’s chest, the umbilical cord is crossed instantaneously. Take the child to another room for examination. There is diagnosis of the fetus. As a rule, are not detected by any virus in the fetus or in breast milk.

about the milk in more detail. There is always information that a child born to kovid-positive mother, it is not necessary to attach to the breast. Maybe it’s in my unprofessional opinion, but it seems to me that at all times, including during a pandemic, nothing better for baby no. Under the best mean breast milk.

Leila Adamyan: you are Partly right. Breast milk contains all the essential natural ingredients that provide effective immunity in the child. Breastfeeding is a natural positive factor not only for the child but for the mother. As is prevention of stagnation in the breast. However, it all depends on the condition of the mother – she’s sick! And therefore, this issue is solved individually in each case the obstetrician and the neonatologist. And it should all know, the mother herself. Mainly, given the high risk of infection through contact, trying all��iravati from mother to child, but still feed the baby expressed milk.

A nursing mother should be in the mask? Gloves? She can kiss her newborn miracle? Or even this should be abandoned during a pandemic?

Leila Adamyan: What a nasty question you asked! But forced to answer him: no kissing! Woman, if feeding is allowed, puts on a mask, wear gloves, thoroughly wash hands and processes the mammary gland as appropriate. All precautions must be observed.

We called our conversation “Children kovida” and you say that nothing goes unnoticed. A child born now, he’s at risk or not? And if at risk, then this risk for life or not?

Leila Adamyan: World data show that in the nearest post-Natal period the child is growing and developing normally. But kovido just five months. We do not rule out that this pathology will be held for the child without a trace. Or these changes will be negligible. But once again, for such insights was a little more time. And therefore, “children kovida” needs to be carefully examined in dynamics.

Leyla Vladimirovna, almost half the world is associated with Kovalam and with unprecedented restrictions, dictated by the virus. The same playgrounds everywhere were closed. Summer has begun, and parks while also not everywhere act. How all this will react to our children? It can go unnoticed?

Leila Adamyan: You want to make me a futurist. I’m not one of them. But here, my answer is the same: nothing goes unnoticed. That kid and even a teenager is not able to catch up on the bar, swing on the swings, go for a run on the rollers, and so on – that’s not nothing. It can affect health. What to do? It all depends on the initial health of the child: the environment in which it is held that isolation and the kind of family he grows and develops, under what conditions? What are his grandparents? I want to say that family values are to the fore.

In practice this happens. Children should be given attention in any case. No wonder nowadays so popular family counselors. But the best family psychologist – it has always been and always will be family mom, dad, grandma, grandpa. By the way, here come into force the new technology in medicine, in psychology and in culture. Importantly, the children had the possibility of release, the ability to communicate with their peers, joint games online lessons over the Internet… Digital technology makes it easier to transfer restrictions and will protect the child from stress and related troubles. It is necessary to develop special school programs for such situations.

speaking of stress. It does not go unnoticed. And now, I guess you could say that the fault stress in the near future would be a reduction in the birth rate. Or if we have IVF, then we are not threatened?

Leila Adamyan: the Restrictive measures, of course, influenced the birth rate. All non-emergency operations, including the number and the IVF procedure was suspended. And it lasted three months. Of course, this will have a negative effect on fertility. We already have information on negative statistics in a number of foreign countries. But fortunately, kovid retreats.

AND ECO comes?

Leila Adamyan: Imagine that way. Indeed, in a pandemic have been severely hampered by IVF. And now we can spend preparing for this important procedure.

During the pandemic became noticeable, say gently, cool attitude to marriage and birth of children. And the isolation of many accustoms to the fact that not necessarily convergence that for the normal sexual life does not necessarily create a family. And even normal sex is not mandatory – enough virtual communication. You have a different forecast?

Leila Adamyan: You know I’m an optimist by nature. And although I understand that nothing passes without a trace, can not be so pessimistic about the future. I want to say that humanity experienced different stresses. There was always a way out. And sometimes even rebound (splash effect after long-term suppression). I, and only I, consider the situation in two possible variants, which depend on the human intellect, traditions, family values and the degree of oppression of the pandemic.

for Example, in America it was at this time two times increased frequency of marriages. It happened among those who are prepared before the pandemic. A pandemic has resulted in enormous discounts. And the wedding celebrations have become more accessible: do not invite a thousand people, and it can all be done online. More gifts to get. These online wedding – is also the spirit of the times. Life cannot be stopped.

This is America. And we have?

Leila Adamyan: Sure, and we have the same trend. Many found peace. Found happiness to be near family. This is a positive experience pandemic, which brings about changes in our lives. It gives a sense of reality. And people who have lived together for many years, during the pandemic of isolation sometimes suddenly realize the truth of their relationship. Such a pandemic spreads in different directions. Often children suffer. But sometimes it’s better than the lifelong coexistence of two strangers to each other people. Loneliness alone is always worse. And it happens that the door closes and a window opens.

a new Window of opportunity? Or a window to throw yourself out of it, to escape from life?

Leyla the Hell��mJy: both, alas, possible. But it is not necessary to dramatize a situation. Devil is not so terrible as he is painted. And this applies to coronavirus infection. We have seen and had survived the infection worse. Fortunately, we are able to mobilize, concentrate on time. Maybe I repeat, but for once almost all realized the importance of the medical profession, the importance of a physician. Trouble came, and all my colleagues, as one, became the main link in the fight against this unknown new infection. Not accidentally, among cases many doctors.

Yes, you incorrigible optimist. You may believe that from now on, at least respect for doctors will continue. Or will everything return to normal? And they will again become extreme? :

Leila Adamyan: I’ve always felt a respect for doctors. But after the pandemic became obvious: if we – figuratively speaking – don’t feed your doctor, we will have to feed someone else’s.

this year’s First triplets born in the Republican perinatal center. Childbirth is a resident of Petrozavodsk took place without complications, the mother and the children – two girls Olya and Anya and the boy Sasha – I feel good. Their houses are waiting for two more sisters. Now it is a large family with five kids. Seven I! In the perinatal center take the most troubled births, including twins-triplets. Here is introduced the most modern technologies, including working with premature babies. And the newest method – therapeutic hypothermia allows you to see everything that happens in the brain of the child. Electrodes attached to the baby’s head, the technique reads neuroactivity, doctors decode the data and find the right treatment. Because of this babies can immediately help to reduce risks to a minimum. According to the Minister of health of Karelia Mikhail who, in the Republic in General was a real breakthrough. “According to preliminary data, last year the mortality rate among newborns stands at 4.6 ppm (for Russia – 4,7). For comparison, in 2018 this figure was 5.6. For 2019, we have no single case of maternal mortality. All heavy newborns go through a perinatal center. The unique technologies are actively introduced and applied here,” said the Minister. Since the beginning of the year with the help of specialists of the Republican perinatal center came to light 861 child, including 21 twins. Last year it took 93 twins and four triplets.

Prepared Petrozavodsk