Not a day without scandal, Yana Rudkovskaya decided and made a buzz around a fabulously expensive gift on the birthday of her middle sons, Nicholas, who the day before turned 18. The guy in the day of the festival posted on instagram a series of photos and videos with the luxury car – a black Porsche Panamera, worth 7 to 10 million rubles, showing how he alone washed it.

Not surprisingly, everyone immediately decided that the heir Rudkovskaya boasted a car given to him, because now he’s got the right to get behind the wheel. However, the producer began vehemently to prove that luxury cars Nicholas nobody gave, because, they say, it is “their children are not Pets”.

However, the mentor Dima Bilan were confused in the testimony, stating the owner “an iron horse”. First Rudkovskaya began to claim that the car “was not her and owned a Porsche, and then suddenly said that “the boy just took a picture with her car.”

The Network was also considered that after the words Rudkovskaya the situation with the car turned into an absurd story, and the producer, if she really didn’t buy the Scion cars, making fun of herself and her son.

“it Turns out, the middle son of Yana Rudkovskaya was washing someone else’s “porsh"” in honor of his 18th birthday. Colas one car did not give. Poor boy… it’s in the closet locked…” – ironically the authors of the Telegram-channel “Mamalahoa”.