The moment when a Pakistan International Airlines A320 plane crashed in a crowded Karachi neighborhood on Friday seems to have been caught on CCTV footage posted to social media.

The plane with 99 people on board crashed on Friday morning, less than a kilometer from the airport where it was attempting to land, hitting a building tail-first. While the moment of impact is not seen on the video, the fireball following impact is certainly visible, as is the resulting plume of dark smoke.

It’s not clear what caused the crash; PIA CEO Arshad Malik confirmed to local media that the plane had been cleared to land, but a technical issue forced it to perform additional maneuvers before attempting its approach.

Some 76 casualties have been confirmed so far. It’s not clear whether these were passengers on the plane or people on the ground, as the crash took place in a densely-populated area and several homes were badly damaged in the wreckage. At least three passengers reportedly survived.

Pakistan had only just resumed flights last week after shutting down air travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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