Russia criticized the United States for a grant for “exposing” RF


The Russian Embassy in the United States commented on the contest of the state Department for a grant of 250 thousand dollars for “exposing Russian disinformation in the health sector”. The competition is announced on Thursday.

"the End of an era" Saudi Arabia will leave the arms race?

© AP Photo, Khalid Mohammed

According to forecasts of the International monetary Fund, oil revenues of the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf had to run out in 2034, but the crisis of the pandemic coronavirus has accelerated this process.

Russia responded to the NATO conditions at the DON

NIDS/NATO Multimedia Library

Russia should repeal “the restrictions on inspection flights in the center of Kaliningrad, near the border with Georgia,” said the organization member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO).

"as Necessary": Cut in Russia the retirement age


In Russia can to reduce the retirement age in the case of formation of the critical situation on the labour market.

Disclosed details of mass murder in Ukraine


The conflict in Zhytomyr region from private ponds could occur after one of the victims accused the tenant in the "setup" and surrender on suspicion of bribery of the local police. Writes about this edition of "" citing a source.