In Sevastopol law enforcement agencies arrested a member of the Armed forces of Russia, the suspect in the espionage. According to the official statement of the press service of the FSB, the detained officer of the black sea fleet is suspected of treason and working for the military intelligence of Ukraine. The prisoner taken into custody. This is not the first case of detention in the Crimea military officers suspected of spying for Ukraine. Why is this happening and what is the danger for the Russian troops in the Crimea are Ukrainian spies “MK” learned from the experts.

Over the past few years law enforcement in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol detained dozens of Ukrainian spies. Among the arrested were local residents, visiting citizens of Russia and Ukraine, as well as officers and civilian uniformed personnel and retired military personnel. Many of them, as, for example, detained on 21 and 22 November 2016 Leonid Parkhomenko and Gleb Shabliy, previously served in the Russian black sea fleet.

Another soldier of the black sea fleet arrested by the FSB in Sevastopol on Thursday. The detainee is accused of cooperation with intelligence Department of the Ukrainian General staff. Video of detention issued by the press service of the regional Department of the FSB.

As told to “MK” member of the expert Council of the organization “Officers of Russia”, captain 1st rank Vasily Dardykin, the presence of Ukrainian spies in Crimea can be explained.

-25 years, Ukraine held sway in the Crimea and Sevastopol. There were friendly, and even family ties with the Crimean residents of the Ukrainian areas. After 2014, many servicemen of the Ukrainian naval forces entered the service in black sea fleet. Not much time passed, only six years with the Crimean spring. Some connections remained, – said the expert.

According to Vasily Dadykina, the detention of Ukrainian spy testifies once again that in the Crimea, the confrontation between intelligence agencies of Ukraine and Russia. However, in his opinion, the situation is under control.

-there Are detention in the Crimea, not only in Sevastopol. So a counter-intelligence work, works effectively. There is a conflict between the two intelligence agencies: the security service and our FSB. Given what is happening in Ukraine – the conflict will continue. But we have shown that our intelligence agencies are on the alert. Gave a sign that all is under control, concluded Vasily Dadykin.

According to him, the importance of information, which could have detained the soldier depends on his position and awareness. Staff, of course, knows more about the military plans.

At the same time, he noted, even a sailor on a military ship might know things that foreigners should not know.

for Example, time of the planned departure of the ship in the sea, plans of campaigns, – said the expert. – We can only hope that our intelligence agencies worked quickly, and a lot of secrets Ukrainian spy to pass did not.

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